On Sunday, self-exiled communist leader Joma Maria Sison said in a statement that the United States can easily instruct its followers from the military and police to stage a coup against Duterte.

Malacanang on the other hand said that the statement is just “wishful thinking coming from a tired, old, and failed revolutionary.”

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that Sison should “wake up from a half century of sleep.”

“It’s wishful thinking. Why? Apart from the US will not listen to him, a country which abhors in the first place, he hates to the bone, Filipinos trust this President. The military and police love this President,” he added.

Irked by Sison’s statement, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Monday hit back at the Communist Party of the Philippines’ founding chairman.

“This coward has gone insane. He is already muttering words of an old man whose memory has abandoned him. Come back to the Philippines and face reality,” AFP public affairs chief Colonel Noel Detoyato said.

Detoyato underscored that the security forces would not arrest the Chief Executive.

“Of course not. He is our duly elected president and commander-in-chief.”

Both the military and police ensured that there have been no plans of coup d’etat against the Duterte administration.

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