Levi’s celebrates the 146th anniversary of the birth of the first jeans ever. To mark this day, the world’s jeans authority has given the most stylish and artistic content creators from fashion, music and the visual arts free rein to get personal and creative on their 501s.

Levi’s 501 has the amazing ability to become what the times needed it to be, that’s why it’s lasted this long.

Originally made for the badasses of the wild wild west, it later became the wardrobe of counterculture, the sexy statement of the women empowerment movement, the jeans du jour of the Hollywood cool kids because the jeans are like blank canvases that invited them to make their own mark.

501s were ripped and cut, distressed and a patched up, worn over and over again as the statement of their personal and creative, and even political expressions.

Levi’s invites us to all be collaborators. And now it’s your turn to put your own mark on the 501. Go ahead and make your 501 jeans uniquely yours. These aren’t your mom and dad’s 501s anymore. It’s your time to make a statement.

Visit SM Makati Levi’s Tailor Shop on May 18 to 30, see all the customized creations and let them inspire you to make your own mark on your Levi’s 501.

May is a great month to get your own pair of Levi’s 501. Get three free customization services when you buy a pair of Levi’s 501 (a minimum spend of P3,500) on May 25-26 at the Levi’s SM Makati Tailor Shop.

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