SPVTOP International launched today the G-Webphone App, dubbed as one of the most advance communication technology in the market today.

The app provides users with the ability to call or send messages to any offline mobile, landline and satellite phone devices anywhere in the world.

The launch is led by SPVTOP President and General Manager Brick Agcopra, Finance Officer Leila Agcopra, Operations Manager Archemedes Miclat and brand ambassadors actors Ricardo Cepeda and Marina Benipayo.

Also present during the media event are the brand heads and product consultants of the different SPVTOP Genius Products: Engr. Xiel Salaya (G-Webphone), Engr. Anton Mendoza (G Bio Energy / G Bio Agriculture), and Marlon Dizon for G-Minds.

SPVTOP started in 2012 with their Self Prepaid-Loading Venture and expanded to other brands and now with their Genius Product Lines.

More About The G-Webphone App

The G-Webphone App was developed with OFWs and businesses in mind. The App has a couple of useful features:

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Automated Tech Support Environment
  • Earn G-Coins through referrals

The app is downloadable via Google Play and soon at the App Store. You get an 8-hour risk-free trial upon registration.

Other Genius Products

G-Bio Energy

These are products that help maximize efficiency if electricity and gas usage and save you money in the process.

G-Power Patch removes electromagnetic flux and reduces wire heating. It protects home from electrical surges and lowers power consumption.

USB G-Flash is a multi-purpose flash drive that when inserted on PC and laptop units can speed up processing. You can also use it on your cars and watch how it improves your car’s over-all performance – cooler aircon, easy acceleration and fuel efficiency. You can also wear it to protect you from harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices.

G-Bio F Line has helped a lot of motorcycle riders save on fuel. It gives more power to its motor and makes it fuel efficient giving you tons of savings.

G-Cooking Gas Saver Kit is a ready to use simple to install eco-friendly device that alows your burner to have an improved thermal efficiency characterized with a blue flame. This unique process can result in saving gas up to 50%.

G-Bio Agriculture

G-Bioinoculant is made with 3 live micro organisms (B subtilis, B pumilus, lacto bacillus) which can help bring back nutrients to soils and promotes regenerative farming.

G-Bio Fruitmate is an organic fertilizer sourced from animal bones, fish emulsion and selected ripe fruits. It’s considered as complete NPK (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous).

G-Bio Control is a natural pest control sourced from natural ingredients that are normally avoided by insects and pests. It also helps cure fungus and pathogenic infestations in plants.

G-Bio Mycorrhizae is a sand-based pure culture of 12 species of mycorrhiza fungi called vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM). The fungi infect the roots, form a close association with the plant when inoculated and assist the plant in the absorption of water and nutrients. It also prevent root infection and increase the plant tolerance to droughts.


Genius Minds is an amazing midbrain activation workshops that can transform and ignite your child’s genius potential. Done in 1-2 days, kids can learn how to distinguish colors and shapes fast, even when blindfolded.

G-Minds coach Marlon Dizon said that the system can:

  • Improve creativity and imagination
  • Enhance concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Enhance absorption capabilities
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Emotional stability
  • Left and right brain balancing

Course fees for a 2-3 day session is 23K Pesos.

Aside from the Genius Products, SVPTOP also offers the Techno User SUPERSIM that can load phones in all networks.

All these products and services are available via the SPVTOP Marketplace. The website is secured and can accept credit and debit payments via MasterCard or Visa, GCash, bank transfers or COD.

Here’s the link: www.spvtopmarket.com

For MORE info go to www.spvtop.com

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