Mary Kay Philippines introduces the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer.

Powered by A.I. technology and a 50x zoom lens, the compact and portable skin analysis tool further enhances the customer experience between Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and Mary Kay brand lovers.

Using a Mary Kay-exclusive app compatible with iOS and Android, the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer provides instant analysis to understand six dimensions of skin:moisture, oil, sensitivity, pores, elasticity and skin tone. With built in polarized light-filtering technology, the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer captures two photos on each point of the face to analyze real-time skin data.  

“The introduction of the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer allows our Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants to make even more informed, tailored recommendations to their customers,” said Mary Kay Philippines General Manager, Sobee Dueñas. “The information gathered using the new tool compares data with similar age groups and emphasizes the importance of daily skin care.”  

To unfold a customer’s skin story, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants use four steps:

  • Understand the customer’s habits and skin concerns
  • Scan five points of the face using the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer for dual capture
  • Report skin condition and analysis generated by the Mary Kay-exclusive app
  • Recommend a skin care regimen tailored to the customer

“Using the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer provides a more targeted approach to skin care,” said Dueñas.“The Mary Kay innovative product design includes Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity to allow our Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants to provide instant analysis anytime, anywhere. It’s the new generation of skin science.”  

With a global portfolio of more than 1,400 patents for products, technologies and packaging designs, Mary Kay has fostered a culture of innovation and invests millions of dollars annually in research and development to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.

For more information about the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer, speak to a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant near you or visit www.marykay.com.ph.

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