Toilets and bathrooms are all about constant use of water. It’s where you take showers, soak in the bathtub, and do your rituals at any time of the day. This explains why homeowners are strongly advised to have waterproofing done in this area right at the start of construction. Doing so will help prevent water leakage and staining through the years and spare you from costly repairs.

Fortunately, homeowners have an ally in trusted industry leader Jardine Distribution Inc.’s (JDI) Super Thoroseal, a cementitious type of waterproofing solution that comes in powder form.

Super Thoroseal works through its crystallization process. Thoroseal fills in the voids and gaps inside the concrete so that water cannot penetrate, thereby providing superior long-term waterproofing protection. It penetrates into and becomes part of the cement structure, allowing it to withstand negative and positive water pressure.

Because it is in cementitious form, Super Thoroseal does not peel or wash off easily and will not require back jobs when used as directed. Mixed with clean water to a slurry consistency, Super Thoroseal can be applied easily with a stiff hand brush, broom, or spray equipment.

Just clean the surface of dust and other particles before application. Next, add 1.5 liters of water for every can and shake the can well. Then apply two coats on the surface. The first coat should be applied horizontally. After eight hours, immerse the concrete in water before applying the second coat, this time vertically.

Super Thoroseal is also best for waterproofing firewalls, tanks, basements, and pools. Since it is non-toxic, it is safe for use on all cement structures, including fishponds.

And since it is manufactured by BASF, a global leader in construction supplies, consumers are assured of a high-quality waterproofing system. For more information, visit

Why is JDI Super Thoroseal the Best Waterproofing Solution for T&B

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