FROM October 1 to December 1, 2018, Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization that aims to fight child malnutrition and END world hunger by year 2030 gathers restaurants in the Philippines for its annual fund-raising and awareness-building initiative called – RESTAURANTS AGAINST HUNGER.

This campaign unites chefs, restaurateurs and foodies all over the world to channel their passion for food into life-saving impact against hunger and malnutrition.

This campaign urges participating restaurants to choose 1 or more special dishes from their menu and for every order of these dishes during the campaign period (October 1 – December 1), a portion of the profit goes to Action Against Hunger projects in the Philippines. Restaurant guests and foodies may participate in the campaign by selecting restaurants that support the cause and selecting dishes labeled as “DISHES THAT FEED MORE”.

All donations raised during the campaign here in the Philippines will only be used for projects in the Philippines.

The Restaurants Against Hunger international initiative was started in France during the World Food Day celebration of 1998. The initiative went global with the participation of countries like Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Peru, Spain, UK and the USA.

Here in the Philippines, the campaign made its debut two years ago (2016) with a total of 103 participating restaurants in its roster. Now on its 3rd year, Restaurants Against Hunger Philippines aims to enlist more restaurants in the campaign to raise more funds for local projects.


According to recent studies, the Philippines ranked number 9 among countries with the highest number of stunted children. These are kids that are underdeveloped – not only physically, but cognitively as well due to malnutrition. If not treated early, the effects of stunting is irreversible and will last that person’s whole life.

The country is actually at a critical point with regards to stunting. The numbers have increased to 33.4% from 30.1% in 2015.

The same survey also identified 800,000 or 7.1% of Filipino children suffering from wasting or acute malnutrition. Children suffering from wasting have weakened immunity and are vulnerable to long term developmental delays. Kids that are too thin for their height is one general characteristic of people suffering from this kind of malnutrition.

“Malnutrition is prevalent in the areas where Action Against Hunger is working. In North Cotabato, there was a 5-year old child who was practically skin and bones, he was pale and his hair was not growing. He was suffering from wasting because he was not eating enough food and not having a varied diet. For months he was only eating boiled cassava, banana, and sweet potato,” shared Action Against Hunger Fundraising and Resource Development Manager Dale Nelson Divinagracia.


Action Against Hunger has supported Nutrition and Food Security and Livelihood projects in Zamboanga for the internally displaced people that were forced to evacuate their homes during the 2013 siege.

The group was also able to reach a total of 206,613 individuals in the provinces of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte during the Marawi Conflict where they implemented nutrition screening and distributed emergency food aid and hygiene kits as well as provided access to safe water and sanitation facilities.

They also initiated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects in the areas of Masbate, North Cotabato and Maguindanao. A total of 180 Barangays were declared Zero Open Defacation Communities, positively affecting 738,566 individuals. They also trained Barangay Health Workers to help maintain the culture of cleanliness in the areas.


Currently, Restaurants Against Hunger do not accept donations from individuals but they can help by urging friends and families to patronize restaurants that supports the initiative during the campaign period by dining-in and ordering dishes labeled as “DISHES THAT FEED MORE”.

They may also help in promoting the campaign to restaurant owners and other food establishments – the more restaurants joining the cause, the better chances of raising more funds to fund the projects if Action Against Hunger here in the Philippines.

So far, participants this year are Alba Restaurante Español, Aracama, Azuthai, Café Mediterranean, Calderon, Chef Laudico OK Café, Chelsea Kitchen, Chotto Matte / Izakaya Sensu, Corner Tree Café, Cyma, Friends & Family / Coconut Club, Green Pastures, Grilla, Ikomai, Ilustrado, Kabila, Museum Café, Providore, Saboten, Sangkap, Simple Lang, Sobremesa, Terraz Bistro & Meetings, Terry’s Bistro, The Old Spaghetti House, The Shrimp Shack, Wild Ginger, and The Bistro Group.


All they need to do is REGISTER or SIGN UP via the website www.restaurantsagainsthungerphilippines.org 

This program is very easy to implement and doesn’t entail much cost. The Action Against Hunger team will provide the participating restaurants with all the marketing materials such as posters, table-tops stickers, and info notes for restaurant staff.

The 2018 campaign was launched two Wednesdays ago at Acceler8 Makati with Action Against Hunger Philippine Mission Country Director Guy Halsey and long time partner Chiqui Mabanta, the owner of Corner Tree Cafe.

Restaurant Against Hunger also has a lot of non-restaurant supporters such as McCormick Culinary, Foodpanda, Marca Leon, Mida Food, LTB Chefs Association Philippines, The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Acceler8, Digital Out-of-Home Philippines, Nyxsys Philippines, Pitchworks Incorporated, and Summit Outdoor Media.

To know more about the campaign, visit www.restaurantsagainsthungerphilippines.org or follow these social media accounts @RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH and @ActionAgainstHungerPH on Facebook, @RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH on Instagram and @EndHungerPH on Twitter.

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