There’s a lot of concepts flying in and out of the DC Universe office these days.

With the launch of Titans on television and the previews of upcoming full-length live-action movies Aquaman and Shazam, DC is now starting to establish more presence in almost all entertainment outlets.

Their biggest strengths are still with the straight-to-videos animated features and television – Can Aquaman and Shazam tip the scale of the big screen to their favor? Let’s see.

Speaking of upcoming movies, we all know that writer Geoff Johns is now currently working on a Green Lantern Corps movie but at the San Diego ComicCon, Johns announced that he is also working on the concept for a live-action Stargirl series for TV.

The announcement opened a lot of queries and one of them is the possibility of bringing together the Justice Society on the forefront of the DC story arc for television since the League are busy trying to make their mark on the big screen.

Stargirl has appeared in live-action before, popping up on both Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow.

Johns said that he write and produce the show through his new Mad Ghost Productions company, alongside Greg Berlanti, the TV mastermind who’s largely responsible for DC’s domination of the small screen over the past ten years producing CW’s DC superhero shows, including ArrowThe Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Aside from Stargirl, TV series like Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol are also already taking its shape. Young Justice and Harley Quinn are also going to have their own animated TV series pretty soon.

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