According to the 2017 Pru Life Relationship Index (PRI), an in-depth survey that investigates key factors influencing the strength and sustainability of personal relationships:

People who regularly discuss their finances with their partner are more likely to be fulfilled and optimistic in their relationships than those who are not.

Couples who regularly plan their finances, were found to be more satisfied with their relationships. On average, they post a relationship score of 81/100 – which means that their partnership fulfills 81% of their desired needs – compared to the 63/100 posted by those who don’t regularly discuss money matters.

Despite the advantages of joint financial planning, however, Filipino couples still have a long way to go in terms of financial openness and management, compared to their other Asian counterparts. According to the survey, only 34% pool their resources together. Further, while 58% disclose all money matters to their partners, only 45% hold meetings.

More Optimism

Apart from finding more fulfillment in their romantic partnerships, couples who plan their finances together also exhibit a more positive outlook.

89% of planners expect their financial status to improve in five years and 82% believe that these meetings will make their love lives even better. In contrast, among couples that plan separately, only 74% are optimistic about their finances, and 64% feel secure in their relationship.

The Role of a Financial Adviser

Over-all, Filipinos seem to recognize the role of healthy finances can lead to better relationships, with 63% believing that professional advisory services can provide an added boost to their relationship.

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Couples Who Plan Their Finances Together Stay Together
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