Following the successful release of the V7 plus and the V7 in the Philippine market, word is out that the all new Vivo V9 Flagship smartphone phone will send the gadget industry in frenzy once again when it unveils on the 22nd of March.

Vivo V9 is said to rock a full frontal screen, bigger than the V7’s already satisfyingly ample 5.7”all-screen display. With a sizable screen, the screen-to-body ratio of Vivo’s yet-to-be-released flagship is also being foreseen to be of a huge improvement of its predecessor’s, the aspect ratio is rumored to be as expansive as 19:9.

With a huge leap in improvement in its display, the new Vivo V9 is expected to be a dream-come-true for those who use their phones as portable entertainment devices. Pictures in movies come out crisper, and the colors more vivid, giving the semblance of almost real-life images. With an ample display, gamers, likewise, may appreciate a more animated gaming experience with no intricate detail left behind.

Because it is still dedicated in delivering perfect photos, it should also be expected that the camera will rock a souped up HDR mode. Selfie-fans will also benefit in the reported ample phone display of the latest Vivo smartphone as it could improve the overall composition of every photograph taken, with enhanced clarity and definition.

Mark your calendars – Vivo V9 arrives in the Philippines on March 22, 2018.

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