The jump scare tactics didn’t work on the fourth installment of the INSIDIOUS franchise – which tells us that the strategy gets really boring without any solid story line to hold on to.

INSIDIOUS THE LAST KEY presents a great back story to the film’s accidental main character Elise Rainier played by Lin Shaye but that is all the credit that I could give this movie. The first film which was shown in 2010 is a jump scare classic credits to James Wan who directed the first two films of the franchise and his ability to perfectly time the scores with breathtaking visual surprises.

Insidious writer Leigh Whannell who also played the role of Specs in the Insidious Films has made cinematic success out of an old story line (Poltergeist) with the original 2010 movie – but it gets old.

“The Last Key” directed by Adam Robitel is a blur and it’s really not scary. This is my first horror film of 2018 and I am disappointed. I should’ve seen the downhill trend for this franchise. I am going to use my RIP buzzer on this franchise.

The only two things I enjoyed seeing in this film are Spencer Locke (Melissa) and Caitlin Gerard (Imogen). 🙂

Oh, and this is the funniest scene in the film:


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