It seems that every time we meet Kapuso singer-actress GABBI GARCIA, there’s always something new happening in her life – and that’s really a great thing for one of the rising stars of GMA Artist Center.

Last time we talked to her, we heard a sample of the newly released single “ALL I NEED” and learned about her dominating almost all the major glossy mags in the Philippines and her upcoming endorsement deals. She’s that bankable right now.

And just last Tuesday, while celebrating a post 19th birthday celebration and KTV session with her loyal supporters, she reveals some details about her Coron, Palawan workcation trip with Ruru Madrid for the summer campaigns of Bench. She said that it was one of the rare chance where she and Ruru had the chance to actually talk to each other – and not just about work.

Aside from being active with major brands this year, Gabbi is also one of the lead cast of “Meant To Beh”, the comedy-drama entry of bossing Vic Sotto and Dawn Zulueta for the Metro Manila Film Festival this year. Gabbi said that it was a great honor for her to be able to work with cinema icons Vic and Dawn and commends them for their professionalism and said that it was probably one of the reasons why they’re very much well respected in the industry.

Aside from the two lead, Gabbi also said that she also enjoyed working with JC Santos whom she admired very much as an actor.  And of course, the very cute and funny baby Baste.

Next year, Gabbi Garcia will also be working again together with Ruru Madrid in the action-drama series SHERLOCK JR.

Aside from Ruru, she also loved being on the set with Serena or Siri the dog who is actually one of the lead star of the series. The show is expected to air in January or during the first quarter of 2018 on primetime.

Gabbi will also be hosting her own vlog show called #GOALS starting January 1, 5pm via the GMA ONE (Online Exclusives) on the GMA Network Youtube Channel. A first from the network.

Hosted by TOP’s Joshua Jacobe, the KTV sessions with her fans was held at CAVE Tomas Morato. Surprisingly, Gabbi’s fans have awesome singing voices – very talented, just like their idol.

The 19 year old actress also cried right after we sang her a happy birthday song and told us that her heart was just over-flowing with joy and thankful for an afternoon where she could just be herself and with people who treats her not as an artist but as a person.



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Kapuso Rising Star GABBI GARCIA Extends Lucky Streak to 2018 with New Shows
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