MIGO ADECER the newest among the Starstruck alumni turned 18 last Friday (December 15) and to celebrate this milestone GMA Artist Center organized a listening party for Migo and his loyal supporters a day before his birthday at CAVE Tomas Morato.

The now legal singer-actor is excited to welcome the new year with more freedom for both artistic expression and in life.

Migo is Fil-Aussie Douglas Errol Dreyfus Adecer, the Ultimate Male Survivor of Starstruck Season 6 who is known for his role as Anthony in the reboot of “Encantadia” and Yuan in the Philippine adaptation of “My Love From The Star”.

Earning a 5-year exclusive contract with GMA Artist Center two years ago, Migo was able to explore and cultivate his acting skills but his first love will always be music. And that is why 2018 will be more about Migo and his music, starting with a single called “I Long To Ask You” released a couple of Months ago.

He wrote this song five year ago, although it’s originally written with an acoustic flavor, the Kapuso talent has agreed to move with the times and has released the song in EDM fashion – mainly, because it’s what people are listening to now, well not all, but most of the people his age are.

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Here’s Migo performing a sample of “I long To ask You” at the Cave:

Migo during the listening party also announced that he’ll be releasing another original song next year which he described as having a sound and texture that is very different from “I Long To Ask You”.

Aside from the music, there’s really a lot more happening with Migo next year. For starters, he will be showing more skin in the upcoming RomCom TV series “The One That Got Away” or #TOTGA when he plays the role of Rhian Ramos’ baby brother. That explains why we see him coming to the gym more often.

Migo, now that he’s 18 and eligible for a driver’s license, embraces complete independence when his folks returns to Australia after the holidays. But his mom did say that she’ll be visiting him every three months – you know how moms are, yes. 🙂

Here’s a birthday message from mom Kaye and dad Dennis:

Personally, I am more interested in seeing more of Migo’s music next year. “I Long To Ask You” is pretty much raw EDM-Pop and I would like to see this in its original acoustic flavor as well.

The party was hosted by Nicole Rous Donesa and supported by Goldilocks and Urban Generation.


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Fil-Aussie Singer-Actor MIGO ADECER Welcomes 2018 With More Freedom
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