Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skincare Center introduces PREMIUM WHITENING FUSION, a combination of two powerful brands for fast and effective whitening.

Casmara Nacar Treatment is an imported brand from Spain. It is a skin lightening and illuminating treatment which is suitable for all skin types, especially for skin with localized and/or diffuse blemishes.

Blanc White on the other hand is a full range of whitening and anti-aging system. It is a six-step, high quality beauty regimen packed with a powerful combination of premium products that work together to deliver an anti-aging and whitening benefit for a youthful-looking and radiant skin.

This treatment actively supports generation of new cells, helps stimulates collagen synthesis, enhances skin elasticity and firmness, and promotes healthier and fairer-looking skin.

Clients could avail the Premium Whitening Fusion on a discounted price of 35,988 Pesos with a total savings of 8,000 Pesos which they could consume within a period of one year.

This promo is ongoing until the 15th of February, 2018.

Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skincare Center Introduces PREMIUM WHITENING FUSION
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