MARK HERRAS turned 31 years old last December 14, a year more and his age would finally disappear on the Gregorian calendar but HE IS DEFINITELY NOT DONE YET.

Fourteen years after winning the first Ultimate Male Survivor title of the successful GMA Network talent search competition “STARSTRUCK”, his name and face is still one of the most sought after Kapuso in the industry.

Celebrating his birthday with bloggers and online media two days early last Tuesday at Music 21 Timog, Mark admits that he misses the title of being the original “bad boy of the dance floor”. And while he dances when he can during shows and guesting, he reveals that he’s not the same dancer as he used to be.

In terms of acting, Mark is maturing to a level when he already wishes for more substance and even sees himself portraying grey and even darker characters. He considers it both a challenge and at the same time an opportunity for him to stretch the boundaries of his acting abilities.

He does have an upcoming project with GMA Network, it’s going to be a support role but he couldn’t reveal any other details yet.

On the other hand, his love life is flourishing right now. Now that everyone knows Winwyn Marquez and him are together as a couple, the public’s eyes are on a look out for a possible wedding proposal in the coming years.

But Mark said that it won’t be soon, since Wyn just won an international title this year “Reina Hispanoamericana 2017” – the country’s first in this category. She will be wearing the crown for a year, projects and endorsements are already pouring in and her showbiz career is at an all time high, so a bell ringing would be out of the question.

But what’s important is that they’re together. Mark said that Wyn has always been there for him and people know that Mark has been supporting Wyn a hundred percent as well which has become more evident during the pageant.

STARSTRUCK have set a very high standard for reality talent search competitions in the country, MARK HERRAS is active proof of that.



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