February 16, 2018 – on this day, the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac, the Dog, takes over as the ruling animal of the year, replacing the Rooster.

Just a bit of a backgrounder for those who are not yet familiar with the Chinese zodiac, there are 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac that follows a fixed order. The order in which the 12 animals are arranged is based on the Chinese Yin and Yang theory.

The 12 Animal Signs

Here’s a rundown of all the signs that appeared in the recent years:

Rat (2008)

Ox (2009)

Tiger (2010)

Rabbit (2010)

Rabbit (2011)

Dragon (2012)

Snake (2013)

Horse (2014)

Sheep (2015)

Monkey (2016)

Rooster (2017)

Dog (2018)

Boar (2019)

The Year of the Earth Dog

To be precise, 2018 is going to be the Year of the Earth Dog. There are of course five elements which gives an animal sign its unique characteristics – Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal. The Dog in 2018 is special because it is in its natural element – Earth.

The last time that this happened was 60 years ago in 1958, a year marked by innovation and many firsts:

  • Jack Kilby invented the first microchip or integrated circuit (IC)
  • NASA launched its first spacecraft Pioneer 1
  • Godtfred Kirk Christiansen introduced the very first plastic Lego brick
  • Pope John XXIII becomes Pope after the death of Pope Pius XII
  • IHOP and Pizza Hut opened their first stores in the US
  • The International Peace Symbol was born

Now, probably the most important question of all is what’s in store for all of us in the Year of the Earth Dog in 2018.

For the answer to that question, we now turn to International Feng Shui Master Marites Allen.

Marites Allen

Who is Marites Allen?

Celebrated as “The Philippine Feng Shui Queen” Marites Allen is the first and only Filipina to date to be awarded the prestigious title of “Master of Feng Shui” of the world renowned International Feng Shui Association. Her quest for new learning has brought her to many parts of the world, most recently in Central Asia and Egypt, where she discovered how symbology and luck-enhancing practices were used in Sumerian and Egyptian cultures – centuries before the Chinese practiced Feng Shui.

ksitgarbah fireball

I was born in year of the Water Ox and 2 years ago, I have received from Ms. Maritess Allen through her Frigga Shops the flaming sword cure or the ksitgarbah fireball, which in Feng Shui is said to help reduce the effects of the Flying Star 3 Jade (argument star) that causes trouble and misunderstandings. And being a sign (and person) that is both stubborn and hot headed, this charm is definitely a must. And I’ve been carrying this everywhere I go ever since.

I have never met Ms. Marites Allen until I was invited last week at Marco Polo Hotel for a special intimate meeting with the Feng Shui Master along with other lifestyle bloggers.


What’s Going to Happen in 2018

According to Ms. Allen, the ruling center for 2018 is the triumphant prosperity star 9. It tells of general wealth and prosperity during this period and this also makes it the number of completion for the period, it multiplies all effects in the flying star analysis, whether they be good or bad.

The year 2018 is hoped to be a good year, however, being augmented with the influence of the number 9, it is believed to be a time of positive Feng Shui.

Ms. Allen also gave us a sneak preview into the luck readings for each animal sign:

  • RAT – Long-term benefits expected but need to be wary of the misfortune star.
  • OX – Pleasant news related to promotion or further career development.
  • TIGER – A reasonably good year, but must control temper and avoid confrontations.
  • RABBIT – Monetary gains from last year may be extended to this year.
  • DRAGON – Take it easy and make sure to implement a calculated risk for anything that you do.
  • SNAKE – There will be more chances for your upward achievements.
  • HORSE – A very rewarding year especially in love.
  • SHEEP – You may have to redouble your efforts to achieve whatever goals you wanted.
  • MONKEY – Many positive events to look forward to.
  • ROOSTER – Do not be too busy that you neglect your personal health.
  • DOG – New beginnings are in the horizon and income growing in 2018 is very possible.
  • BOAR – A great start for a new year, however, betrayal may be in the horizon.

To really see the important and effective things about the year, you need to understand how the stars, numbers, elements and signs all intertwine and interact. With this knowledge, you can maximize your positive Feng Shui and avoid or reduce negative Feng Shui.


To guide everyone in maximizing the positive energies and deflecting the negative ones indicated in each animal chart, Ms Allen has written 12 horoscope books for 2018.

“There is just so much opportunity next year that people need to know about,” says Ms. Allen.

Each book provides monthly readings for one’s career, business, health,, and relationships. There are also Feng Shui suggestions for the home, auspicious fashion and accessories, guide to lucky and unlucky house orientations for each month, and many useful tips.

For those born in the year of the Ox like myself


Aside from the Fortune Forecast book for each animal sign, Marites Allen is also coming out with a 2018 Feng Shui Planner that has the following features:

  • Personal Daily Guide
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Lucky and Unlucky Sectors
  • Suitable and Unsuitable Things To Do
  • Earthly Branch and Conflict Stars


To complement the Feng Shui planner is the 2018 Feng Shui Almanac that also acts as your easy to read desktop Feng Shui Calendar, a powerful guide for auspicious activities all year round.

Published by ABS CBN Publishing Inc., the Fortune Forecast book, 2018 Feng Shui Planner and Desktop Feng Shui Almanac are available at all FRIGGA Charmed Life Boutiques (SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM City North EDSA, Glorietta 4, F1 Hotel The Fort and SM Seaside Cebu) or you may order it online via frigga.co.uk, wealthluck.com, lazada.com, amazon.com, and maritesallen.com – CALL 0920-9509390 for more details.

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