Philippine Airlines (PAL) is offering free airlift of critical supplies and relief goods for the rebuilding of Marawi City.

PAL is flying donations to Cagayan de Oro, for transport by land to Marawi City, through accredited government agencies, SEC-registered foundations, NGOs, non-profit, charitable, civic and religious organizations.

The program, which covers airlifting of donations within the Philippines only, is flying goods on space availability basis. Priority goods are urgently needed items such as medicines, ready-to-eat halal processed foods and products, mats and blankets, water purification tablets and equipment, hygiene supplies such as baby diapers and other commodities which are not readily sourced in the affected areas.

Donors may send an email to the PAL Foundation at indicating the following details – name and contact details of donors/organizations, recipient or consignee, contents and estimate cost of donation, weight, etc. They will be given instructions on the schedule of shipment.

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PAL Airlifts Marawi Donations For Free
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