“I’m done with you being done with me. It’s time to prove that I’m all I need. Don’t care what you say, I’m gonna do what it takes for me to see that I’m all I need.”

GABBI GARCIA may be singing from the heart all the lyrics on her debut single “All I Need” but clarifies during the media launch that it’s not meant to addressed a person that we know or any single person for that matter. It’s just her, expressing and making a general statement.

Ever since she started in showbiz, Gabbi wanted singing to be part of her identity as an artist. While she continues to wow fans with her TV acting projects and as the other half of the #GabRu love team, Gabbi’s outlet for her music talents was YouTube.

Now that she has finally released her own track, she feels a step closer to reaching that goal. Helping her along the way with this is accomplished singer-performer Christian Bautista who collaborated with Gabbi in her passion project.

“All I Need” is a song about overcoming personal struggles and believing in one’s capabilities. And just like what the song implies, Gabbi Garcia is more than capable of handling her showbiz career quite well. Apart from school, doing acting projects on television and making music, Gabbi is also a hot item among fashion magazines. In fact, she appears in two covers this Month – Mega Style PH and Inside Showbiz. Another one that’s coming is with Scout Magazine.

All of these makes her very busy, but told online media that a full schedule won’t stop her from being hands-on with everything. She’s the boss and you gotta admire a young woman with that kind of attitude!

All I Need is now available for streaming and downloading in over 180 digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and Google Play Music. The sound is far from her usual unplugged self on YouTube but unknown to many people, Gabbi is a big fan of alternative EDM and trip hop type of dance music – and that’s what you’ll experience when you listen to her first  single.

Gabbi also reveals plans to come back to the recording studio for an entire album. Music video for “All I Need” is also coming out, it was shot entirely on the neon lighted streets of Hong Kong with real film (not digital), and was co-produced with her friend Khalil Ramos and Limitless Productions.

What’s next for Gabbi Garcia – well, another one on her bucket list is joining a professional beauty pageant like Bb Pilipinas. She’s turning 19 this December and plans to enter one when she turns 23. There’s more time for her to mature (holistically speaking) and prepare.

The first time I met her during the blog conference of My Destiny way back in 2014, I already told people that I see many great things coming from this young new talent of GMA Artist Center – and that vision I saw from her confident smile and very brilliant answers during the interview one afternoon is now turning into a reality.

From “My Destiny” to her very own destiny!

The All I Need Media Launch was held at Iago’s Restaurant in Quezon City and presented by the GMA Artist Center in cooperation with sponsors Pantene, Acne Care and Sapporo.



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