Dubbed as the “World’s Greatest Magic Show” and fresh from its record-breaking second summer in London’s West End production, IMPOSSIBLE is scheduled for an amazing 10-night show here in Manila from December 25, 2017 to January 3, 2018 at the Araneta Coliseum.

IMPOSSIBLE features an array of different kinds of magical performances fusing death-defying stunts, technological trickery, grand stage illusions and close-up magic in a fast-paced breath-taking show. It also has the reputation of reinventing the biggest illusions ever performed in magical history.

Produced by British West End Theatre producer Jamie Hendry (Legally Blonde: The Musical, Let It Be, The Last Five Years), IMPOSSIBLE MANILA is co-produced by Wilbros Live and tickets are now available at all TicketNet outlets and via www.ticketnet.com.ph (1800/1500/1200/800/500/150).


While we Filipinos are known for our passion for great magical entertainment as evident in how we celebrate our children’s birthday parties usually with balloons, cakes, videoke, clowns and magicians (and sometimes they’re the same person-clown magician), watching a real live magic show in big venues are often reserved for hobbyist (those that are into magic) and big fans only.

But for those who are not into this sort of thing, what if I tell you six things that you’ll definitely miss out if you didn’t see the IMPOSSIBLE magic show here in Manila:

1. Have you ever seen Magical Bones break dance right before your eyes?

At IMPOSSIBLE, Magical Bones is actually the name of a South London street condurer and break-dancing master. He is considered as the world’s best hip-hop magician. He actually started out as a dancer for the likes of Madonna and Black Eyed Peas but Bones has since turned his attention to wowing the audience with sleight-of-hand magic.

2. Do you know what Alternative Magic is?

Ali Cook is a pioneer in the art of alternative magic. A master of multiple magical trades, he’s a daring scapologist, sleight-of-hand expert, stage illusionist and a performer of thought control. His highly innovative live performances has led to his promotion to the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (that’s actually a big thing in the world of magic). He has written and starred in various TV series including Penn and Teller: Fool Us; Now You See It, Dirty Tricks, The Secret World of Magic, Monkey Magic and Psychic Secrets Revealed.

3. Do you want to control the mind of One Direction’s Liam Payne?

Chris Cox has already astounded audiences around the globe with his mind reading abilities including One Direction’s Liam Payne and TV Presenter Jonathan Ross. He is one of the stars in Killer Magic and the man behind the magic at Heston Blummenthal’s Fat Duck Restaurant and the multi-awarded winning tour of Fatal Attraction.

4. Do you want to see how a master inventor do magic?

Meet Ben hart, he invents unique magic which pushes the boundaries of film, theatre and television and tests the limits of illusion, including decapitation, vanishing and levitation. He’s been into the art of magic since the age of 6 and at the age of 16, he won the Magic Circle’s “Young Magician of the Year” Award. His recent show Belief? was a sold-out! Ben was also one of the stars featured in Killer Magic.

5. Would you want to see a real enchantress?

Josephine Lee is the world’s leading female illusionist. She has appeared in The Next Great Magician and Britain’s Got Talent. She is also the known as the fastest in the business, breaking the world record for the most number of illusions performed in 5 minutes – an accolade she has held on up to this day.

6. Would you like to see a real Daredevil?

Bello Nock is America’s favorite comic DareDevil. In fact, TIME Magazine has included Bello in their list of “America’s Best Artists and Entertainers.” Bello’s unique blend of endearing comedy and jaw-dropping daredevil stunts make him one of the most exciting live performers in the world today.

The GOOD NEWS is you’ll be seeing all of them together in one show here at the Big Dome in December – IMPOSSIBLE MANILA is definitely one of the must-see event this year here in the Philippines.

I already met and talked to one of the magicians that will be performing for IMPOSSIBLE MANILA – Check out my exclusive videos and interview with BEN HART below this post, and I’ll see you all in December!

Oh, do you have any favorite magic tricks? Mine is still the one that involves a little bit of mind reading. The psychology of it amazes me all the time. 🙂

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