Uplift your spirits with good ole comfort food at Pancake House.

From the moment you get out of bed, the mad dash to multitask, accomplish and experience life as much as you can continues throughout the day.  Given this fast pace, it’s not surprising to miss out on minute details or make a few blunders along the way. When this happens it’s best to take a breather and reorganize your thoughts.

Pancake House, aside from its delicious meal offerings also offers a place of serene refuge from all the hustle an bustle. But yes, it’s definitely more about the food – awesome comfort food that immediately takes all your worries away.

As soon as you step through Pancake House’s doors, you can take pleasure in familiar sights and smells that will soothe both your senses and appetite.  Not only that, each bite of its heavenly dishes is sure to wipe your worries away and turn your frown upside down.

One of the most loved (and frequently ordered) Pancake House signature dishes is the House Special Set, which features three old time favorites in one platter – spaghetti with meat sauce, savory best taco in town and juicy pan chicken.  It’s a plateful of hearty comfort food that hits just the right spot.

Whether you’re feeling a little down, upset or just plain hungry, a serving of the House Special Set is sure to bring you the warmth, nostalgia and coziness of home you need.  Slow down, let go and savor life by choosing things that will always be a good choice like Pancake House.

Operated by the Max’s Group, Inc., Pancake House has 553 branches in the Philippines and 35 stores overseas that serve up delectable pancakes, mains and desserts.

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Uplift Your Spirit with a Pancake House Special Set
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