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The SPA industry here in the Philippines has been growing at a steady rate since the turn of the new millennium and with the rise of medical tourism, it has since then become one of the most viable local business venture in the country.

People are now more into health and wellness – choosing lifestyles and brands that has the words “natural” or “organic” as part of their offerings. It has become more than just a fad or a trend. Majority of middle-class Filipinos are buying into the idea and pioneers in the industry are cashing in.


However, did you know that the SPA trend has already seen its glory days decades ago?

Derived from the old English term “Espa” which literally translates to “fountain” – it was used colloquially in Europe and then in Japan to describe a place where there is a rich source of mineral-rich spring water used for medicinal baths. This gave rise to public bath houses, specially those with hot springs.

Here in the Philippines, hot spring resorts, particularly in Laguna became a trend during the early 1950’s – Laguna Hot Spring Resort established in 1949 is probably one of the oldest (if not the oldest) natural hot spring resort in Laguna. And these resorts were the earliest form of SPA in the country.

Today, the word SPA has become a complicated name but still denotes what the term stood for since the earlier times, a place of health, wellness and relaxation.


I have had my fair share of modern SPA experiences, and in each of them, a different level of satisfaction.

My newest discovery is the Royal Oasis Luxe Spa located at Shopking Center, Dona Carmen corner Commonwealth, Quezon City.

I know what you’re thinking. I am from Manila, so why would I go through all the trouble of going to a SPA that’s around 19kms away from our home?

TRUST ME. It’s all worth it. Well for one, they have only two branches – the first one called ROYAL OASIS MASSAGE is at Casa Milan also located along commonwealth farther up north and their newest ROYAL OASIS LUXE SPA at Shopking.

The main difference is that ROYAL OASIS LUXE SPA, aside from being closer to Manila, now provides a complete SPA experience from body scrub to foot spa and their signature “Luxe Ultimate Relaxation Package” that will surely take all the negativity out from your body.

I HAVE PERSONALLY experienced their massage treatments a couple of times already and I can tell you that they are the best I have experienced so far.

And that is also one of the main reasons why ROYAL OASIS are not branching out at lightning speed like what the other local SPA centers are doing.

Sir Verch of ROYAL OASIS told rainCHECK that it is never about just putting the name of Royal Oasis as a brand out in the market, it’s about the kind of service that they provide their clients – the most relaxing and effective massage and SPA treatments facilitated by their well-trained relaxation experts, uncompromising and hard to replicate.

They have plans of expansion of course, but not at the expense of their brand’s good reputation.


The first reason could be is that you are under a lot of stress right now and in need of the best care possible, pronto!

The other reasons are:


ROYAL OASIS LUXE SPA is a haven for relaxation – soft lights, ambiant music, relaxing aroma and private rooms.

They have private Single Rooms enclosed in permanent walls and secured room partitions that can be opened to accommodate couples or even an entire group of friends for a SPAntastic SPArty.

The private Executive Rooms on the other hand is already a couples room enclosed also in permanent walls with secured room partitions that can be opened to accommodate another executive room, again for a group SPArty event. The executive room have its own private rainfall shower (hot and cold) area.

Aside from the private rooms, they also have an area for the Luxe Foot Treatments separated by heavy drapes for added privacy.

ALL SERVICES includes access to the hot and cold Rainfall Showers and Dry Sauna. There’s a sauna room for both the male and female shower area.

When you’re already done with your treatments but don’t want to go home yet, ROYAL OASIS LUXE SPA also offers its customers the Luxe Sanctuary that you can rent to do various things. Take a nap on a relaxing leather recliner or finish work on a personal desk. You can rent it as part of the package (350 Pesos/Hour) or just the Sanctuary at 500 Pesos/Hour.


Now the crown jewel of the ROYAL OASIS LUXE SPA brand is of course their services. There are a lot to choose from, I have personally experienced their Thai Massage (700 Pesos), Swedish Aromatherapy Massage (800 Pesos), Volcanic Stone Massage (900 Pesos) and just recently their Sports Massage (850 Pesos) which is the best Sports Massage I’ve experienced so far – it is a combination of acupressure and long kneading strokes to loosen and unknot tight muscles, perfect for athletes and for just about anybody after a hard days work.

Now for my next visit I would like to try their Luxe Four-hand Massage (1,250 Pesos), Luxe Signature Massage (2,200 Pesos) and of course their Luxe Ultimate Relaxation Package (2,850 Pesos).

The ROYAL OASIS LUXE SPA also prides itself with its signature Refining Sea Salt Body Scrub (1,350 Pesos) and Ocean Regenerist Body Scrub (1,450). The scrub treatments uses Algotherm, a world-renowned premium French brand made from organic, marine ingredients such as seaweed and algae.

Their Royal Foot Spa (700 Pesos) and Luxe Foot Care (950 Pesos) uses Cuccio Naturale, a well-known Italian brand that enhances and beautifies the feet with all natural products like coconut and sea salt.

Here’s a list for your appreciation:

Over all, ROYAL OASIS never fails to exceed my expectations. It may not be the cheapest SPA in Metro Manila but you get so much more than what you paid for. A real value for money!

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa

OPEN DAILY from 2:00 PM to 12:00AM
For inquiries and reservation:
Landline 426-7788
Mobile: 0917-876-6699 or 0998-599-9674

2nd Floor Shopking Mall
Doña Carmen corner Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City


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