At Zen Institute Medical Spa, it’s a 5-step process towards achieving total wellness – DiagnoZe, CleanZe, IntervenZion, RegeneraZion and EducaZion. You start with a warm welcome from the friendly staff at Zen Institute in either their BGC, Batangas, Binondo or Quezon City branch.

I went to the Zen Institute Scout Rallos, Quezon City branch a couple of weeks ago to acquaint myself with their new procedures and to try some of their signature facial services as well.

For first timers, do not fret, because at Zen Institute, they don’t just offer you services, they work with you every step of the way to achieve your total wellness goals.

The next step in the Zen Journey is an orientation from an authorized Wellness Consultant and if you’re lucky, you’ll be oriented by Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres herself, the owner of the Zen Institute Medical Spa. Staff at Scout Rallos say that she frequents their main branch at BGC but she visits the QC branch once-in-a-while.

After the orientation, clients are then subjected to a Holistic Body Screening and Body Composition Analysis which will determine the treatments that the Zen wellness consultant would likely recommend for you.

But first, let me take you on a quick visual tour of the facilities at Zen Institute Scout Rallos:

Here’s the main reception area
You can wait here while they call for an available Zen medical consultant
Here’s the lounge area at the ground floor
And here’s another lounge area at the 2nd floor

Because the facility is huge, Zen Institute can easily accommodate walk-ins however it is always best to book or call your service appointments first, ’cause they do have a lot of clients.

Holistic Body Screening

The Zen Institute Holistic Body Screening uses the meridian resonance analyzer.

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body represent the state and health of the individual.  The frequency and energy of the body is compared with the resonance spectrum of diseases and nutrition indicators set in the instrument.  This serves as a pre-screening tool and from there, patients with undesirable results may be referred for objective screening through blood analysis and in depth consultation.

Body Composition Analysis

The Body Composition Analysis on the other hand is a tool that measures and monitors the following:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) – weight for height to check if patient is normal underweight, overweight or obese.
  • Body Fat Percentage – to check if patient fat levels are within the healthy range. Too much fat can damage health and too little fat may lead to hormonal problems or osteoporosis.
  • Visceral Fat – the fat that covers or surrounds our internal organs. As we age fat redistributes to abdominal area and decreasing visceral fat ensures better health and less risk of disease.
  • Muscle Mass – checks if the client is building muscle and the change in weight is due to muscle and not fat.  Muscle mass also indicates basal metabolic rate or the rate at which the body burns the calories we take.
  • Total Body Water – monitors the amount of hydration of the cells. Better hydration means better bodily functions.
  • Bone Mass – monitor the health of bones, aids in the proper recommendation of the physician for the need of supplementation for Calcuim and Vitamin D3.
  • Basal Metabolic Rate – the rate at which the body burns the calories for the body’s processes and basic functions, at rest.   As we age this tends to decrease, and we monitor this so we can address side effects of slowing metabolism.
  • Metabolic Age – goal is to have a metabolic age lower than our actual age and monitors if our cellular age is improving with the treatments that we do.

Like I said the results of these tests will give you a better idea of your current state of wellness and give Zen wellness consultants the knowledge to advise you properly on what treatments would be best suited for your needs.

I basically came there for a simple facial treatment, but test or no test, I am sure that my face needed more love than just the regular facial that day and so I opted for their RESOLIFT and CARBOXYTHERAPY facial services.

What is it and what does it do?

RESOLIFT uses state-of-the-art Italian innovation for collagen induction by administering frequencies of energy in pulses without heat thereby avoiding risks of burns or hyperpigmentation. This increases elasticity of the skin and tightens loose skin on the face and neck.

It’s like the “nurses” are using a small round flat iron on your face. It feels hot but it doesn’t burn the skin. They apply first some kind of gel on your face and then glides the Resolift device in repetitive motion all over the face concentrating on the chin, forehead and areas near the side of the eyes.

CARBOXYTHERAPY is the application of a carbon dioxide infused mask to help promote oxygenation of the skin, treating acne scars and minimizing pores.

This one stings a little when it’s applied. And then you feel the mask tightens on your face as it dries out while a fan hastens the drying process.

The whole procedure takes at least an hour to finish. You can avail of the services separately or as a package. And the thing with Zen Institute is that you get the desired treatments at discounted rates when you have it in packages – for example purchase 6 or 12 sessions of the Resolift and Carboxytherapy package and enjoy huge savings compared to when you pay for it individually and on a per-visit transaction.

What’s the result?

I am so happy with the two treatments. There’s that feeling of renewal after undergoing the procedures and while the “nurses” said that I will need at least 6-12 sessions more to really see and feel the effects of the treatments, I already saw some visible changes on my face.

I am not an expert, but I do believe that my skin tone has improved and my pores are smaller immediately after the treatment. But like what the nurse said, I need to have it on a regular basis to actually see the difference. Your gauge therefore, is whether your face will look years younger than your actual age and if people will notice after 6 to 12 sessions.

Resolift and Carboxytherapy are just two of the many treatments available at the Zen institute. They have services for all types of people and their special wellness and aesthetic needs – from teenagers to those 60 and above. They also have specialized prorams for weight management and regenerative cell therapy.

Regenerative Cell Therapy

Far from being a means to simply look and feel younger through quick fixes, exercise, and nutrition, regenerative stem cell therapy is a whole new scientific paradigm in anti-aging that has sweeping benefits.

“The secret to the efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy is that unlike previous anti-aging techniques that focus on preserving and optimizing cellular health, or on simply “masking” the visible effects of aging, Stem Cell Therapy significantly restores your body’s ability to regenerate to a degree it could only have done when you yourself were 10 to 20 years younger.” Explains practitioner of Anti-Ageing and Integrative Medicine, and owner and Medical Director of the popular medical spa & longevity center chain The Zen Institute, Dr. MJ Torres.

As a practitioner of Stem Cell Therapy, Dr. MJ is not only a believer in the process, she herself has undergone it, and can personally attest to its benefits.

The Zen Institute now offers Stem Cell Therapy at nearly half the price of the industry standard, as a part of a unique five step process known as “My Journey to Ultimate Wellness” – DiagnoZe, CleanZe, IntervenZion, RegeneraZion and EducaZion.

For more about the Zen Institute visit any of their four branches or log in to their website at www.thezeninstitute.com

You may also call Veronica Laforteza (+63) 917 532 8983 or Rhona Torres (+63) 917 521 3159 or email [email protected]

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