In just a day, a number of different things can happen, whether it’s things like the weather and traffic, or to things we’re able to control like one’s plans and one’s appearance. There’s one thing though Filipinas wish could have full control of – and that’s soft and fragrant hair, all day, everyday.

The new Hana Soft & Smooth Shampoo promises to deliver just that even after a long and eventful day. With natural moisturizers and fresh new fragrances, Hana is said to be able to keep one’s hair looking and smelling like it’s freshly washed all day.

This is exactly what actress and Hana Shampoo celebrity brand endorser MARIAN RIVERA looks like during the media launch. She’s looking very fresh and pretty now more than ever. Really unbelievable.

With such effortlessly manageable and fragrant hair, even in the midst of a busy day, you can still look and feel your best no matter the situation, said Marian during the event.

Figuratively a new day has come as well for Hana Shampoo, with its relaunched line of Soft and Smooth variants available in three wonderful fragrances – Pink Roses and Berries, Spring Flowers and Apples, and Garden Blooms and Lychees.

Hana combines the alluring fragrance of flowers and the freshness of fruits in each of those variants, guaranteed to provide long-lasting fragrance on hair all day. Moreover, each bottle now comes with artistically rendered designs meant to visualize the wonderful nature-inspired fragrance notes one can enjoy upon each use of Hana shampoo.

The new Hana Shampoo TV commercial features the always beautiful Marian Rivera, who has bloomed even more as a wife and mother.

In the commercial, she turns heads as she walks the streets from daytime to evening. Just like all other Filipinas, everyday she is exposed to the sun, heat and pollution but with her soft, fragrant and lovely hair, passers-by can’t help themselves but be drawn to her effortless beauty and hair that’s “parang bagong shampoo always”.

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Flawless MARIAN RIVERA at the Launch of Hana Shampoo’s New Scents
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