Devant TV recently launched its 7:30 PM Get Together Campaign which recognizes the power of old-school television to bring together family or friends not only to watch their favorite shows but to really sit down, talk and bond with each other.

Whether it’s the newest TV series or a live airing of a championship game, television makes viewing a full inter-personal experience as opposed to binge watching on your mobile devices which seems to be the fad these days.

While online streaming media and VODs (Video-On-Demand Services) that now produces exclusive media contents continue to reshape the way we experience entertainment, a recent survey shows that old-school television remains to be the top source of entertainment for Filipinos (and probably the rest of the world).

I for one, prefers, watching my favorite movie or series on our 42 inch television, munching on chips and sharing the excitement with anyone who’s around (usually my kiddos). Call me “old school” but nothing beats reading from a real book and watching from a real TV in the comforts of your own home.

Your mobile phone might be this generation’s “swiss army knife” which incorporates a radio, alarm clock, camera, music players, map, compass, video player, television and a lot of other devices and apps – but still, the convenience of a mobile device can never ever replace (however hard technology tries) the experience of the real thing.

The advent of technology has changed the way we live, including the habits that we developed to entertain ourselves. However, even with screens getting smaller and internet connectivity being placed in the center of our entertainment, one medium remains steadfast in this ever-changing time: The Television.

For some, watching television might be a simple habit. But for others, it is a chance to break free and relax from their hectic lifestyles or strengthen bonds with people they share the experience with. It can also be a form of a healthy escape, too, where one can learn about new things and explore other cultures in the comfort of their homes.


These are just some of the things Devant TV feels passionate for. The renowned television provider advocates to create moments with its 7:30PM TV Get Together (G2G) campaign which encourages everyone to spend time with their friends and family by bonding over their favorite shows.

The campaign was launched last Tuesday (August 8) at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas with a special screening of the Collab Film Feature “The Owner”.

“The Owner” is a film that follows the journey of a lost backpack around the world. The international feature film showcases the many mysteries of the bag’s travels, while showing the intersecting lives of the fascinating characters it got in touch with throughout the story. “The Owner” is a true masterpiece with a story that spans five continents collaborated on by a whopping number of 25 filmmakers.

The movie is a perfect example of a work of art that gives TV-watching a deeper meaning. It encourages people to think and consider, and it also gives everyone the chance to be open to things that could enrich their lives and mindsets through their TV experience.

Craig Lines “The Owner”

Joining us during the launch are Devant TV Marketing Manager Lara Marie Lua and renowned British director Craig Lines (Train Station, Emmerdale, The Owner).

Here’s an interview with Craig Lines during the launch:

Devant TV boast of its new AVC400 Curved Ultra HD TV (55″ and 65″) with the country’s first built-in ISDB-T receiver (digital free tv ready). They also have a strong line of LED TV, Smart TV and Multi-Media Speakers.

For more information about Devant products, go to www.devanttv.com

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