Showbiz royalty primetime queen Marian Rivera-Dantes is the brand ambassador of Vida Nutriscience’s new breakthrough skincare product SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO.

In a grand media launch held yesterday at the New World Hotel in Makati City, Queen Marian gracefully accepted the role of being the brand ambassador of Snow Crystal White Tomato.

And just like with her other brand endorsements, Marian told the press during the launch that she requested Vida Nutriscience a sample of the products for her to try first to see if it works before finally saying yes to the offer.

Why Did Marian Say Yes To Snow Crystal White Tomato?

Snow Crystal White Tomato contains three unique main ingredients: PhytoflORAL, Kohjin Glutathione and Bioperine.

With these three ingredients combined, Snow Crystal White Tomato becomes a potent brand for:

  • Whitening, Brightening and Evening of Skin Tone
  • Anti Aging
  • Sun Protection


Marian said that the product works for her and that she was quite satisfied with the positive effects on her skin and body.

Marian is of course, naturally fair-skinned, so somebody from the media asked why would she ever need a whitening product.

Marian said that Snow Crystal White Tomato is more than just an ordinary whitening product, with daily use, it becomes our natural protection against the sun and free radicals that speeds up aging.

In other words, with Snow Crystal White Tomato, say goodbye to sunscreens.

“At Vida Nutriscience, we take pride in the fact that we are always fresh and always relevant,” says Erick Armigos,  President and CEO of Vida Nutriscience. “We were among first in the country to offer whitening supplements with 500mg of glutathione with our very popular SnowCaps brand. We were also the first, and so far the only company to come up with a Yerba Mate-based supplement and drink in mySlim.” He continues.

Also present during the media launch is Vida Nutriscience VP and General Manager Jhun Tizon.

Marian’s looks tend to distract us from the fact that she is an extraordinary, multifaceted woman. She worked as a psychologist; she is a versatile actress in different genres like drama, action, and comedy; she has also hosted a dance show, a gag show, and a talk show. Now she is a hands-on mother and an ambassador for The Smile Train. She is fearless, she always has the confidence to reinvent herself and her career, that is why she stays relevant, that is why she is the queen.

“At this stage in her career, Marian is a perfect fit for Vida as our company continues to grow and introduce innovations to health and beauty,” concludes Mr. Amigos.

Snow Crystal White Tomato is available in 30-tablet food supplement for only 2,985 Pesos. Get it at Mercury Drugstore, Watson’s, and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Snow Crystal White Tomato Soap Bar is also available for only 299 Pesos.

For MoRE info go to www.vidanutriscience.com or Like them on FB at www.facebook.com/snowskinwhite

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