Take a front row seat exclusive and a more detailed look at the war against drugs of the Republic of the Philippines!

Highly acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza teams up once again with TV5 in making the most anticipated 12-part miniseries of the year – AMO!

Set in the backdrop of the Philippines’ heightened campaign on illegal drugs, Direk Mendoza said that the story of AMO will revolve around different characters unfolding in the series – a different AMO in each episode.

The media launch was held at Seda Hotel last Tuesday (July 25).

Direk Mendoza also reiterated that the show is not a propaganda for (and by) the government.  AMO will try to show all the sides of the present drug problem. It will be bold and as close to what is happening in reality presented in Direk Mendoza’s signature hyper-realism indie film format.

However, since this will be shown on free TV, the series is of course subjected to basic restrictions from the MTRCB. But both TV5 CEO Coach Chot Reyes and Direk Brillante Mendoza has assured the media that these restrictions will not affect the story and cinematic value of the mini series.

AMO will also have a Director’s Cut version of the series with episodes that are around 2 minutes longer than the one that will be shown on TV5. It contains some of the bolder, more intense and graphic scenes that cannot be shown on free TV but will be made available somewhere else right after its free TV schedule.

AMO stars Derek Ramsay (Rodrigo) portraying what is said to be one of the less desirable characters in the series and newcomer Vince Rillon (Joseph) as the main protagonist. Derek also hinted during the interview that his character will have an unfortunate end somehow.

Also in the series are Allen Dizon (Camilo), Felix Roco (Bino), Apollo Abraham (Abner), Archie Adamos (Gener), Mara Lopez and with a special participation of Baron Geisler.

AMO airs every Sunday 9:30pm  starting August 20 on TV5!

AMO | Brillante Mendoza Presents a 12-Part Miniseries About the War on Drugs in the Philippines
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