Did you know that the very first coin-operated vending machine was developed in England during the early 1880’s and it sold post cards?

For millennials, post cards are the great great grand daddy of Instagram.

Back in the days, long before the age of the internet, people used to send post cards to friends and loved ones to tell them where they are or where they went or how they feel. And because it has pictures on it, it’s way better than a plain written telegram.

Fruit Vendo – 1920s

Anyway, I am sure that you all know what a vendo machine is right?

We have that almost everywhere now selling snack items, drinks, bubble gums, Japanese toys, tissues and even sanitary napkins. In fact, ATM machines and those BEEP Card dispensers were all based on the same concept that built the very first Vendo.

It’s fast, easy and a very practical way to sell stuff since you won’t ever need to pay anyone everyday to sell your products. You just have to refill the inventory once-in-a-while and let it sit there and wait for interested buyers.

Throughout the years, not much has changed really with the vendo concept – it’s still coin and cash operated. It’s a system that works so there’s really no need for re-invention.

But what if I tell you that we have here in the Philippines right now a restaurant that sells freshly made gourmet dishes using the same vendo concept that we all love?

Amazing, right?

Well that’s definitely one word to describe what ROBBIE’S DELI IN A HURRY is all about.

And so I went to SM City Clark Pampanga a couple of weeks ago to check out the first “Food On The Wall” concept here in the Philippines designed mainly for those who work in offices and also the BPO industry who are craving for a more satisfying meal than the usual burgers, hotdogs, fries and sodas in fastfood joints and 24/7 convenience stores.


They need it fast since breaks are usually only an hour long so those delicious freshly-cooked restaurant meals are definitely out of the list of choices. But with Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry, that option is made possible!

Conceptualized and operated by RDF Feed, Livestock and Foods, Inc., the quality fresh meats manufacturer based in Pampanga and the owner of Fresh Options Meatshop, Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry brings the combined vendo technology of Japan and the Netherlands to come out with a unique Food On The Wall restaurant here in the Philippines that gives you more fresh food options (not frozen) without having to wait 15 or 30 minutes for it to cook.

That’s more time to enjoy your meal!

The grand inauguration was held two weeks ago (June 30) led by RDF CEO Dr. Robert H. Lo and gourmet chef Sau Del Rosario.

“We at RDF understand the need of dining customers to have access to good food at the shortest amount of time. With Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry, customers can enjoy high quality food that is freshly prepared daily at price points that suit their budget,” said Dr. Lo.

How To Order?

There’s actually only three steps you’ll have to remember when you order food at Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry.


You need to purchase your vending tokens first at the counter cause that’s how you pay for your meal at Robbie’s. One token cost 25 Pesos.

Tip: Check your weekly meal budget, make a plan and then purchase the total amount of tokens you’ll need for the week so that you won’t need to go to the cashier every time to save you 1 or 2 minutes every visit.


What’s unique about Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry is their “Vendo Wall” – one side of the resto is dedicated to a wall of compartmentalized see-through food shelves that contains all the available meals for the day. Behind the wall is the kitchen that you can also view from the see-through vendo wall. Meals are always cooked fresh at Robbie’s. Each meal has a shelf life, once an unsold batch of dishes expires, they are taken out of the vendo wall and replaced with a fresh new batch.

Each compartment has its own set of vendo coin slot area and an LED screen on top that displays the dish and its corresponding price.

The coin slot also indicates the number of tokens you’ll need to purchase a product. For example, Pork Tonkatsu with Egg is worth 50 Pesos, vendo will indicate the number “2” on the coin slot area which means you’ll need two tokens for the meal since each token is equivalent to 25 Pesos.

By the way, Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry categorizes its meal offers to three types:

  • Robbie’s ON THE GO are affordable meals that you can easily take with you anywhere, my favorite is their sausage on stick that you can purchase for 2 Tokens (50 pesos)
  • Robbie’s LUNCHBOX on the other hand are complete and satisfying lunch meals like Barbecue (3 Tokens) and Pork Sisig (4 Tokens).
  • Robbie’s GOURMET are for people looking to taste dishes that you won’t find in fastfood and the local carenderia like Chef Sau Del Rosario’s Cheesy Beef Stew (8 Tokens) and Honey Glazed Pork (7 Tokens).

So remember, all you need to do to enjoy these meals is to insert the correct amount of tokens on the Food Wall.


Last step is to push the number that corresponds to your chosen compartment to open. Take out your food and enjoy it inside the restaurant or take it with you to your office table or anywhere.

People who visits SM City Clark Pampanga can now enjoy Robbie’s Deli In A Hurry. They also plan to put up a couple of outlets more in the province before bringing the concept to Metro Manila.


Ground Floor of Tech Hub 2, SM City Clark
CALL: 0998 988 8875 / 0998 988 9502


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