So how was your trip to Boracay?

The first thing that comes to mind is to tell people how huge the rooms are at AZALEA HOTELS & RESIDENCES BORACAY! When you book a room there, it’s like you’re renting a fully-furnished, first-class condo unit, only bigger.

Funny, because the usual reaction of people is to talk about how fantastic white beach is or how awesomely wild the parties are after dark in this so-called island paradise of the Philippines.

But for those who have had the chance of staying at Azalea, like myself, we tend to have a hard time deciding whether to spend the whole day at the beach or just stay inside the comforts of our fabulous hotel room. It’s got that kind of ‘voodoo’ magic in it that make visitors want to spend more time in the hotel than anywhere else in the island.

BUT it was my first time in Boracay!

So I did however experience all that I could get out of my 3-day post summer vacation in the island like snorkeling, island beach hopping, ATV adventure and even indulged in the place’s famous comfort food like the choriburger, Jonah’s special mango fruit shake and its kalamansi muffin.

But that’s a different story, will tell you more NEXT on rainCHECK 🙂

I just can’t get over my fascination with Azalea, its wonderful amenities and excellent service.

Well, this is the only hotel that I’ve been to in Boracay since it’s my first time visiting the island but I jotted down some of the things that I liked about the hotel to serve as some kind of a benchmark if ever I will opt to try and experience a different kind of hotel for my next visit.


I love how Azalea makes you feel that you are near everything that’s worth visiting in Boracay even if it’s not a beachfront property.

Azalea Hotels & Residences is one of the newest hotel in Boracay, situated at Station 2 near the main road and just a couple of blocks away from the beach. It covers a total of 5,700 square meters of land area with 284 value-for-money rooms, all fully-furnished with kitchen, dining and living areas.

For first-timers like me, you need to know that the WHITE BEACH of Boracay is divided into three stations. Think of these stations as an invisible marker that divides the beach area into the northern part (Station 1), middle part (Station 2) and southern part (Station 3).

Map by Paul Fournier of www.boracaycompass.com

STATION 2, the middle, is the busiest part of the island as it is home to majority of the shops and restaurants like the seafood market, D-Mall and Talipapa. The water here is almost the same as with Station 1 (a little bit shallow, perfect for all kinds of beach activities) and it is also where you’ll find all the mid-range hotel accommodations.

STATION 1, on the other hand, consists mostly of clubs, restaurants and some of the more expensive hotels. While STATION 3 is more in tuned with nature but the water here tends to be more deeper. It’s a lot quieter also in this area. The southern part of the island is where you would most likely do your snorkeling, diving and underwater activities.

Remember. Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay is at Station 2 – busy but awesome!


Azalea boast of its spacious hotel rooms and service apartment suites that is available in four luxuriously styled units. Here are some of the details about the four rooms that I gathered from their brochure – I saw all the rooms via a quick hotel familiarization tour on my first day in the island.

Deluxe Hotel Room (30 sqm) – 7,5000 – 11,000 Pesos

  • 2 double-sized beds
  • convertible sofa bed
  • cable tv
  • 1 toilet & bath

One Bedroom Apartment Suite (45 sqm) – 8,500 – 12,000 Pesos

  • masters bedroom with 1 kingsize bed
  • convertible sofa bed
  • cable tv
  • 1 toilet & bath

Two Bedroom Apartment Suite (60 sqm) – 15,000 – 18,500 Pesos

  • masters bedroom with 1 kingsize bed and private bathroom
  • guestroom with 1 kingsize bed
  • convertible sofa bed
  • cable tv
  • 1 common toilet & bath

Three Bedroom Apartment Suite (75 sqm) – 20,000 – 23,500 Pesos

  • masters bedroom with 1 kingsize bed and private bathroom
  • 2 guestrooms with 2 double-sized beds
  • convertible sofa bed
  • 1 common toilet & bath
  • cable tv

All of these rooms have WiFi and are equipped with full kitchen facility (electric cooktop with range hood, microwave oven, rice cooker, ref, electric water kettle, dinnerware, silverware, pots & pans), living and dining areas, entertainment facilities and bed & bath amenities (imported linens, hairdryer, ironing facility, batch accessories and even emergency flashlights).

It’s definitely my home away from home and so much more!

These rooms are also equipped with an electronic identification door lock system that you can access via a key card or your very own key band. The key band you can wear and take with you everywhere and will always give you access to your room anytime. All the guests will get a key band so that no one will ever have a need to borrow the key card from whoever is holding it.

Our group stayed at Room 575 which is an enormous 2 -Bedroom Unit that look ten times better than our condo unit in Manila. At Azalea, you can never have too many television, that’s why our unit has three LED Cable TV – one at the master bedroom, the other one at the guest room and another one outside in the living area.

Also, if you have valuables, the rooms are also equipped with an in-room safe fitted for gadgets and accessories. If you have an extra person joining you in the room, the sofa in the living area can be easily converted to a comfy bed.

The rooms are really fantastic!


Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay is loaded with 4-Star quality amenities that will make you re-think your itinerary once your get to the island.

Azalea provides its visitors all first-class service and resort-hotel facilities that starts as soon as you arrive from Caticlan Airport.

There are already people from Azalea waiting for us at the airport when we arrived. They then gave us each a garland type of necklace made of shells to welcome us and of course a more cooler way for the hotel to help keep track of their guests. They then led us to a van waiting to bring us to the port.

With out tickets ready, they then accompanied us to the boat that will take us directly to the island where another van was waiting for us to take us to the hotel.

As breathtaking as the white beach of Boracay itself, is the magnificent modern design of Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay. Everything in and out of this place are instagrammable or ig-worthy, specially that huge orb in front of the hotel.


The reception and lobby is ultra-modern in concept and design. I really love that wall of LED screen at the back of the reception tables. The lobby is a welcoming environment and the people from Azalea, they’re all nice people.

The hotel has a total of five floors plus a roofdeck that has a bar, an open tent event area and an adult and kiddie infinity swimming pool.

The hallways are adorned by various framed prints of paintings that depicts ocean life.

Plus, while most hotels have their own restaurants, Azalea has Kuya J that also serves breakfast buffet to hotel guests every morning.

Azalea also offers the following add-on services:

  • Spa and Massage Services
  • Beach Lounge and Locker Partners
  • Travel and Vacation Concierge
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Business Center
  • Laundry and Pressing Services
  • Medical Service Assistance

Also you have the option to become an Azalea Vacation Club Member to get the Azalea Advantage and avail of perpetual vacation privileges in all Azalea Hotels & Residences.

I really enjoyed my stay at Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay. Whether you prefer a hectic schedule of fun in the sun adventure or a weekend of worry-free, relaxing island vacation, Azalea is sure to add substance to your Boracay experience.

I’d recommend this to all my friends! It’s definitely MY go-to place in Boracay right now and maybe YOUR HOLIDAY HAVEN soon!


Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

CALL: +63 36 2881144 / +63 998 9953916 / +63 917 8611138

EMAIL: [email protected]

BOOK ONLINE: www.azaleaboracay.com


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