It was a meeting of hearts and minds that created the wonderful partnership between friends Director Bibeth Orteza and Actress Helen Gamboa-Sotto and The Idea First Company of Directors Jun Lana and Perci Intalan.

During the Grand Media Conference of the upcoming cooking show “From Helen’s Kitchen“, Helen Gamboa-Sotto revealed that she and Bibeth has thought of producing their very own cooking show based on the recipes she got from her family and became famous for, especially in Eat Bulaga.

Fans of the noontime variety show may have drooled over many times when hosts mentions “Tita Helen’s” famous Chicharon, Tinapa Rice and other “Pasalubong” dishes. She even shared to the media that colleagues of her husband, Senator Tito Sotto, have ordered some of her famous home-made dishes before.

After tasting her “Pasalubong” Asado dish – I am now convinced that Helen Gamboa-Sotto is definitely an A-Grade Cook that deserves her own cooking show, because I for one, would love to know the secrets of her famous dishes. And finally, we’ll all find out together straight FROM HELEN’S KITCHEN.

So how did it all happen?

Perci Intalan

Director Perci Intalan who was then looking for a concept for Cignal TV’s “Colours” channel happened to learn of the ‘Kumares’ plan and immediately got to talking with the two which then gave birth to the idea of the TV show “From Helen’s Kitchen.”

FROM HELEN’S KITCHEN which will be shown on COLOURS exclusively on Cignal TV starting July 1 (Saturday) at 8pm features Ms. Helen Gamboa-Sotto cooking up her famous recipes and sharing the secrets to the delicious dishes that has been passed on in her family from generations after generations.

The show will bring TV viewers inside Tita Helen’s kitchen with various celebrity guests helping her prepare all the many wonderful dishes.

Here are the celebrities that will have the chance to cook with Helen for Season 1:

  • Maricel Soriano
  • Carmina Villaroel
  • Eric Quizon
  • Pops Fernandez
  • Albert Martinez
  • Raymart Santiago
  • Ruby Rodriguez
  • Gladys Reyes
  • Donita Rose
  • Pauleen Luna-Sotto

When asked if she would be guesting Sharon Cuneta, Senator Tito Sotto and Vic Sotto in her show, Helen said that not in Season 1 since taping for the whole season is already finished but she welcomes the idea, in Season 2 perhaps.

They say that the secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach, when asked if this is the reason why Tito Sen and her are still together even after 48 years, Tita Helen said, the secret is love.

“I love my husband, but he loves me more.. I’m not saying that he is a saint but I don’t see anything that should worry me. All I see is that he loves and adores me. He still gives me flowers even when there is no occasion,”

Helen Gamboa, now 72, was known in the entertainment industry during the late 60’s as the total performer and the original “Dancing Queen” of Philippine showbiz. Before there was a Sarah Geronimo, there was a Helen Gamboa! And now she’s about to win one more title this year – as the “Queen of the Kitchen” in showbiz!

Catch FROM HELEN’S KITCHEN on Colours via Cignal TV, premieres July 1 (Saturday) at 8pm. And SOON on TV5!

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