Sunday evening will be magical on GMA Network starting April 30 as they bring together four (4) talented young Kapuso actors and an icon of Philippine cinema in one adventure-filled weekly fantaserye that will make you want to believe in the impossible – DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO!

With all the negativities happening in the world today, we (not only kids) all need a little refresher on human values and sound principles – and this is what DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO will be offering viewers every week.

It stars one of the Philippines’ well-loved actress MS. GLORIA ROMERO as Lola Goreng together with four of GMA’s hottest young talents – JILLIAN WARD (as Alice), DAVID REMO (as Elvis), CHLAUI MALAYAO (as Moira) and JULIUS MIGUEL (as Jorrel).

Here’s a photo of the cast of DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO that I took during the show’s media launch and grand presscon held in GMA Network last Friday (April 21).

“I am so blessed… na sa edad kong ito (na 83).. nabibigyan pa ako ng isang role na ganito.. maraming salamat sa GMA,” Gloria Romero said during the presscon.

Ms. Gloria Romero during the media launch:

In the story, Ms. Romero plays Lola Goreng, a fairy who lives in disguise as a human together with two other young fairies – Alice (Jillian) and Elvis (David). They will cross paths with a wandering child named Moira (Chlaui) and rich kid Jorrel (Julius).

DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO blends situational story-telling with a base story that delves on the life of Moira and her mysterious newfound family.

Each episode presents a different story told by Lola Goreng and of course new learnings or new lessons about life.

Director RICO GUTIERREZ said during the presscon that each story are produced differently and will incorporate various techniques in animation (2d, 3d, cgi, etc) and other methods of film making.

Direk Rico Gutierrez

In other words, viewers will not be bored with the same viewing experience because you’ll never know how the next story will be told in the following week. Each episode will also feature different celebrity guests to add more excitement to the already very interesting concept.

Direk Rico with the Millennial Lola

The first episode of DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO will feature the story of “Gracia, Taong Grasa” with guest star MARIAN RIVERA as Gracia.

Also in that episode are Ina Feleo and Madeleine Nicolas.

Here’s a trailer:


A story-telling Lola is not really a new concept – back in the 80’s there was a “Lola Basyang” who’s character was recently resurrected by TV5 in 2015.

However, and just like with all the other story-based weekly drama anthologies on television right now, a story-telling Lola is only as good as the stories that she is sharing – and looking at the first episode, I think they’ve hit the mark correctly.

Fantastic story-telling! Kudos to Direk Rico and all the people behind this production.

Catch DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO every Sunday evening right after “Hay Bahay.”

Here’s Jillian Ward singing the theme from DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO:


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