Highly acclaimed indie film director Brillante Mendoza faces the media once again last Tuesday (April 18) to present his upcoming masterpieces for TV5’s made-for-television monthly special movie feature BRILLANTE MENDOZA PRESENTS.

TV5’s partnership with direk Brillante Mendoza christened the goal of the newly revitalized network to become the “home of indie” in television and with it comes several projects including a 13-part mini series called “AMO” which is a spin-off from the movie “Ma Rosa” and a couple of co-produced full length indie films in support of new breed indie filmmakers.

Direk Brillante Mendoza

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BRILLANTE MENDOZA PRESENTS is a collection of films made for television that merges Filipino culture with compelling real-life stories that is sure to capture the interests of viewers from all walks of life. It airs once a month every Saturday at 9:30 in the evening.

Direk Brillante’s signature hyper-realism style of film making and cinematic storytelling can now be experienced all year round and on free TV. Brillante Mendoza Presents explores the complexities of human relationships set against the backdrop of culturally rich Filipino traditions such as his first two episodes:

  • TSINOY (February) a story depicting the lives of the typical Filipino-Chinese families set in Binondo during the Chines New Year Celebration.
  • EVERLASTING (March) a unique love story about two women and the struggles that come with their romantic relationship and choosing to follow one’s dreams at the cost of love. Set amidst Baguio’s colorful annual flower festival popularly known as “Panagbenga.”

The third installment is entitled PAGTATAPOS. It features the story of a graduating folk dance student from the High School for the Arts in Los Banos, Laguna. A troubled young girl with suicidal tendencies going through life as she faces personal struggles in her studies, personal relationships and a broken family.

Direk Brillante Mendoza with the Cast of Pagtatapos

I was able to watch the whole film during a special screening held at the Director’s Club of SM Megamall last Tuesday right after the press conference.

More than just a story of teenage survival, PAGTATAPOS is a serious appeal to parents and families to take heed of the unspoken needs of their children. It raises awareness on serious issue of youth suicide and how the family plays an important part in helping someone get through struggles such as these.

And just like in the film, it dares each and everyone to answer the question: “How would you like your dance of life to end?”

While I was missing some of the braver elements expected from a Brillante Mendoza film given the many limitations of a TV production, PAGTATAPOS is still a cinematic masterpiece. The whole movie is like a dance itself.

Nonoy Froilan and Racquel Villavicencio


  • Gabby Padilla (as Shaira Torres)
  • Nonie Buencamino (as Raymond, Shaira’s Father)
  • Shamaine Buencamino (as Helen, Shaira’s Mother)
  • Racquel Villavicencio (as Angeli, Shaira’s Teacher)
  • Nonoy Froilan (as Sir Melvin)
  • Olivia Bugayong (as Ina)
  • Joni Galeste (as Maria Makiling)
  • Ian Ocampo (as Juan)
  • Renzo Arboleda (Ina’s boyfriend)
  • PHSA Director Vim Nadera (as himself)

PAGTATAPOS will air on April 22 (Saturday) at 9:30 pm on TV5.

TV5 President Coach Chot Reyes

During the Presscon, TV5 President Coach Chot Reyes said that they’re exploring the possibilities of re-runs or showing the episodes a couple of times during the pilot week for those who will not be able to watch it during its scheduled airing. But one thing is for sure, these films will be compiled and will be shown again.

Upcoming episodes of Brillante Mendoza Presents are:

  • PANATA (May 27)
  • ANAK (June 24)
  • KADAUGAN (July 29)
  • HABILIN (August 26)


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