Unionbank, in a special media event held at Valkyrie At The Palace in BGC two Fridays ago, launches a new easy-to-use and more secure Eon E-money Card.

I have had my chance of owning a couple of debit cards and eletronic money accounts in the past that gives a certain amount of leverage when it comes to retail purchases but not one as innovative and filled with generous mobile features as the new Eon E-Money Card.

There’s absolutely no other card like it here in the Philippines. An internet-based deposit account that also functions as an online wallet making everyday shopping, payments and other purchases more convenient plus the ease of making electronic fund transfers to any local bank anytime and anywhere.

No branches. No passbooks or checkbooks. No transaction slips. No time wasted. Do your transaction at home, or anywhere where you have Internet access.

Embracing the all new principle of “Selfie Banking” and the power of consumers as co-creators of Eon, Unionbank CEO Justo Ortiz unveils to the public the all new Eon E-Money Card with features that answered most of the wishes of Eon users and non-users.

Justo Ortiz

Hosting the Eon Digital Me Event at Valkyrie is Gelli Victor and spicing things up during the after program is DJ Nina!

Gelli Victor
DJ Nina

Top priority was SECURITY, so the Eon Card comes with various in-app security features like the usual log-in requirements and one time passwords or OTP that will be sent to the mobile number that you provided during registration. Or for that added security, you could also go for that facial recognition feature in the app so not unless you have an identical twin, you’re account is completely safe from unauthorized users in case your phone is stolen.

Another upgraded feature is the EASE OF USAGE.

You can actually purchase your very own Eon Starter Kit at 711 branches nationwide and online through Lazada. The kit already comes pre-loaded with a value of 50 pesos.

Now once you purchased your card, you can now register it online via the Eon App which you can readily download through your Android or Iphone devices. You will just need to have one valid ID with you, provide the system with the ID number and snap a front and back photo of the Id you presented. Once registered, you are now all set to go!

Keep in mind though that Eon is an E-Money account not a savings account, so your money do not get bank interests. But unlike savings account, you don’t have to worry about maintaining balances. Also, it’s a hassle-free system of managing your online banking transactions – whether you’re getting payments or purchasing online – it’s so easy!

I am so glad that I already have one.



All You Need To Know About The New EON E-MONEY CARD and Selfie Banking
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