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It’s my second time visiting the set of #PeopleVsTheStars – GMA Network’s hottest weekly game show today where Kapuso stars faces some of the most confusing trivia questions ever and a multitude of people waiting for them to choose the wrong answer!

In my recent visit, hosts and real-life couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania introduced Starstruck alumni Yasmien Kurdi and Jackie Rice together with actor-politician Teri Onor (Dexter Dominguez) as their featured Stars for the Easter (April 16) episode of People Vs The Stars.

This successful GMA Network Sunday game show is not totally new, TV networks have been experimenting on so many quiz shows and various “celebrities versus the audience” game formats since it became popular decades ago. However, Filipinos still continues to watch People Vs The Stars – and that goes to show that entertainment value always outweighs being original when it comes to television shows.

And being entertain has a lot to do with how the show presents itself to the people, which is actually can be broken down into several factors. So here’s my assessment on what makes People Vs The Stars click and stick:

The Hosts

Iya and Drew, aside from being two of the most sought after emcees and event hosts (individually) in the country, they also look good on stage together.

They are such an adorable couple. If you like seeing them during  the show, wait till you see them in betwwen takes or during the taping.


The Stars

People Vs The Stars chooses two popular Kapuso celebrities (who are either in a show together or have something in common or association) and then pair them with a wacky personality. The result is always a riot!

For the Easter episode, the show features Starstruck’s Yasmien Kurdi and Jackie Rice together with actor-comedian turned politician Teri Onor or Dexter Dominguez in real life. I will not reveal too much of what happened but you can be sure that Teri Onor  is going to go back to her old antics imitating her favorite actress (Nora), harassing the audience and blurting out a lot of laugh-out-loud jokes and puns.


The Trivia

The trivia questions are out of this world! Some are really easy and others  are just plain tricky but fun! Unfortunately, both the stars and the audience are not allowed to google the answers.


The People

And sometimes, the audience provide the greatest entertainment of all! Iya and Drew, from time to time, goes to the audience to get their opinion about certain questions and these scenes are most often very hilarious than enlightening as what you’ll see during the Easter episode of People Vs The Stars.



Lastly, and probably the most awaited part of the program is the Brain Buster segment – but not because of the pot money or the trivia question but because of the handsome boys of ONE UP who usually take their shirts off for the audience (because it’s always necessary for the final brain buster challenge).

The Easter celebration came early for Teri Onor as she got smothered by the five young hunks of One Up right after segment.

The Easter episode of People Vs The Stars also featured Manila’s lifestyle bloggers in the audience and on the side of the people.

Catch People Vs The Stars, every Sunday at 5pm on GMA Network.


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