Even Disney Princesses needs a vacation!

And just in time for Spring, Enchanted Bikinis launched a gorgeous line-up of Disney Princess-inspired bikinis for those who are seeking their happily ever after under the warm sun and on white sandy beaches!

With the aim of getting a lot of female Disney fans out there to let their inner princess shine out without putting on a costume all year round and specially during the summer.

While its swimwear line are inspired by princesses and fairytale characters, Enchanted Bikinis is not in any way associated with the Walt Disney company.

It’s still four months to go before the summer solstice hits the US and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere but it’s already SUMMER here in the Philippines! And with the beaches opening up to more local and foreign tourists, Enchanted Bikinis could be the highlight of this year’s summer!

Their current collection is composed of 2-piece bikinis which price pegged at around $45 USD for the tops and $35 USD for the bottoms.

Aside from their 2-piece bikinis, Enchanted Bikinis also sells princess accessories like the mermaid skirts.

Visit www.enchantedbikinis.com for more details.

ENCHANTED BIKINIS | Disney Princess-Inspired 2-Piece Bikinis Are Hot This Summer

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