Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s THE FIERCEST OF THEM ALL!

Beginning March 5, 2017 (Sunday) at 9 to 10pm on GMA News TV, a new kind of reality modeling competition is coming to television. Far different from the concept of ANTM (and its regional permutations) which focuses on modeling skills and styles – THE FIERCEST OF THEM ALL (FOTA) creates an environment for 12 local and foreign models that will test not only skills, looks and styles but also wit and how they deal with things under extreme circumstances or pressure and still stay on top of their modeling game!

A genuine test of character – the ultimate aim of this competition because the producers of the show believed that modeling is not only about what you have outside but also, and most importantly, who you are inside.

Dubbed as the first “FantaReality” show by its director Martin Aviles, the over-all mood of the competition is like a cross between ANTM, Amazing Race and Survivor.

There’s that element of role-playing where host and Brazilian celebrity model DAIANA MENEZES plays the queen who is searching for THE FIERCEST OF THEM ALL (in Snow White fashion). And in the course of the events, Queen Daiana will ask the girls (FOTA contenders) to undergo many different challenges.

Why have them undergo such rigorous activities? Well according to Aviles, “There is a hidden narrative – hidden even to the girls.”

What makes it even more exciting is that while all the challenges are planned – not of what happens to girls before, during and after these challenges are scripted. The show is very organic.

Daiana on the other hand aid that THE FIERCEST OF THEM ALL is the most exciting and most beautifully executed showbiz project that she had the chance of doing.

“I went to film academy before, and I have’nt seen something that is designed for TV, but looks cinematic. I’m very proud to be a part of this,” she explained.

Two weeks ago, I was able to meet and talk to five of the 12 FOTA contenders and got to learn more about them and the reason why they joined this competition. Their life stories are actually quite inspiring – regardless who wins the competition.. I would say that these girls are all winners (in every sense of the word).

Here are the videos of our interview with Mona Lisa, Peru, Tanya, Aya and Krisha:


Austrian-Filipina, surfer girl, outdoor lover, vegan chef, yoga instructor, zen personality, the ultimate cool babe.


A registered nurse working as a promo girl and model, a demure Filipina who can easily switch into a vicious fighter.


An online casino dealer, promo girl and model. Frank and funny, she is the “pare” of The Fiercest of Them All team.

TANYA LINGAT (November 10)

A petite model who is a Law graduate from Pampanga. She is a go-getter, someone who will pull and push until she achieves her goal.

PERU MORENA (April 12)

A fitness model who grew up in Canada, the daughter of an OFW from Batangas, the youngest in a brood of 10 known as “the Animal” when competing.

Catch THE FIERCEST OF THEM ALL on GMA News TV, Sundays from 9pm to 10pm beginning March 5!

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