DESTINED TO BE YOURS stars and the phenomenal showbiz love team of the decade Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza both said that it’s FATE (or destiny) that brought them together on screen and that if FATE intervenes again, they could end up in each other’s arms in real life.

Well I think millions of #AlDub fans would agree with fate and even vote tirelessly if that decision could be influenced by online voting.

So are Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards really asking the question – Am I #DestinedToBeYours to each other? This, they admitted during a media conference.


It was my first time to meet Maine Mendoza last Tuesday during the Grand Media Conference of GMA Network’s upcoming drama series DTBY (Destined To Be Yours) held at B Hotel in Timog, Quezon City.

However, Alden Richards.. I’ve known him since “The Road” days – first time I interviewed him was in 2012 years before the #AlDub tag became a household term for Filipinos all over the world. I remembered commenting in my article that he’s not only a talented and brilliant actor but also has a brain that fits the bill.

He’s one of those people in showbiz  gifted with an exceptional acting ability, I saw great things happening to the Alden I knew five years ago but never have I imagined it to be this “phenomenal.”

However Alden admitted during the conference last Tuesday that because of his busy schedules (that is an understatement) he’s acting has gotten a bit rusty or in his own words “mapurol” or dull.

And that’s why he’s so thankful that he’s back to acting once again in GMA Network’s latest RomCom drama series Destined To Be Yours which will air weeknights starting Feb 27 getting the time slot of the outgoing series Alyas Robinhood.

As for Maine Mendoza, this is her first full-sched acting stint in a TV drama series. She said that excitement overwhelms her right now and while she remained modest in rating her acting abilities, her co-stars werr more generous in mentioning about her efforts during the first taping days.

Janice De Belen who returns to GMA Network in this new series said that Maine Mendoza as a newbie in TV acting has that great element of “timing” which most first actors are struggling to master. But with Maine, it’s like an innate ability.

Alden Richards plays the role of BENJIE ROSALES (a hardworking architect who is determined to get a piece of land owned by the Obispo Family).

Maine Mendoza plays the role of SINAG OBISPO (an environmentalist who works in a community radio station in their town).

Joining Alden and Maine in Destined To Be Yours is a great list of A-List actors:

  • Janice De Belen (Sally Obispo)
  • Gardo Versoza (Teddy Obispo)
  • Boots Anson-Roa (Helen Rosales)
  • Lotlot De Leon (Amanda Rosales)
  • Tommy Abuel (Vicente Rosales)
  • Ina Feleo (Catalina Rosales)
  • Ronnie Henares (Dante Escobar)
  • Dominic Roco (Jason)
  • Koreen Medina (Marjorie Escobar)
  • Sheena Halili (Ninay)
  • Juancho Trivino (Badong)
  • RJ Padilla (Arman)


Destined To Be Yours is directed by “Camp Sawi” director Irene Villamor – and this is her directorial debut for a full-length television series.

Here are some scenes from the Grand Media Conference:

DESTINED TO BE YOURS pilots on Feb 27  on GMA Network Primetime!

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