From one controversial crime fighting themed television show to another, Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes is once again out to serve justice in GMA Network’s newest procedural crime docu-drama weekly program called CASE SOLVED.

The “Alyas Robinhoood” actor said that he’s very much excited to host this information-rich new show from GMA that talks about sensational and controversial real-life cases derived from various credible sources with the aim of providing details not only on how and why the crime was committed but also on how it was solved.


Technically, there’s really not much difference between the actual usage of the words “Case Closed” and “Case Solved” in the criminal justice system. My assessment however is that “solved” is a much stronger word than “closed” when it comes to presenting absolutes. There have been instances when a closed case are re-opened due to new evidences.

So I think it’s more proper to use “Case Closed” rather than “Case Solved” but CASE CLOSED is already taken by a Japanese anime show (aka Detective Conan) so… Case Solved it is!


Working on the new program are the top notch team of Director Albert Langitan, Writer Loi Landicho and Program Manager Nini Matilac.

Resources were derived (with authorization) from the following government agencies:

  • Philippines’ Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA) handled by the country’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
  • Philippine National Police (PNP)
  • International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)
  • Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • Supreme Court and Bureau of Corrections.

That is how extensive this show is. And the ultimate aim being the sharing of knowledge on how ordinary citizens can prevent or go about with handling situations similar to the cases that they will be presenting week after week starting this Saturday (Feb 18) right after Eat Bulaga.

During the CASE SOLVED media launch held last week at the GMA Network building, the production team admitted that the speed of how cases are handled by the criminal justice system here in the Philippines is less than desirable, but based on their research – cases are still being solved and justice is being served.

And that is what CASE SOLVED is all about.


During the media launch, Dingdong elaborated three things that he liked about the show:

  1. It will always have a positive ending – cases solved, justice served.
  2. It’s real – real people, real situations and real courage.
  3. It’s knowledge – the more you know about how things are in the criminal justice system, the more you can protect (or defend) yourself, your family and other people.

When asked if Alyas Robinhood (Dingdong Dantes) will take his real-life brand of public service to the polls in the coming years?

“That is not yet a CASE SOLVED!” – he said.

Catch the thrilling episodes of CASE SOLVED every Saturday after Eat Bulaga beginning February 18!

Three Things Dingdong Dantes Liked About His New Show CASE SOLVED
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