Through years of informal and unorthodox youth counselling experience from my previous work as a program officer in a non-government Catholic charity organization, I have learned that the process of emotional HEALING takes on a path that is often characterized by more pain and suffering.

Thus giving life to the idiom “Things are gonna get worse before they get better.”

The truth of the matter is, many people who has undergone a series of emotional turmoils won’t actually be able to see the light at the end of their own tunnels – alone, or on their own. They will always need a support group, people or someone that can lead them to a realization of their self worth to rise up from whatever ditch they fell in to.

And these so-called “angels” will come in many forms, a friend, a new lover, a family member or even someone who you just met in a class who happens to be a writer and an editor.

An “angel” like author COYLEE GAMBOA to a certain Aurora Teo Mei Ling (not her real name), who has suffered so much and is now in the process of seeking her true self.

Coylee Gamboa

During the book launch of BROKEN MIRROR held last Friday at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel, Gamboa shared how excruciatingly painful it was to listen to the story of Aurora, who’s life has been like a series of “misfortune upon misfortune” as it was lamented more intensely in Chapter 8.

From the gruesome death of her mother at the age of 2, the indifference of a father, the hatred of two stepmothers, the apathy of her siblings up to the agony of being trapped in a loveless traditional Chinese marriage with a wealthy but unfaithful husband.

“I’ve lived my life on both sides of a broken mirror, looking in and looking out” – Aurora

The author said that the story of Aurora is a first in Philippine literature and a phenomenal one – now while some of the circumstances related maybe familiar to majority of the “teleserye” loving Filipinos, never before has one woman told a complete stranger everything about her life in such a manner.

The fact that the stories are true-to-life and involves people or persons of interest in the Filipino-Chinese business community as well as the revelations of what actually happens inside a traditional Chinese marriage – it is something that has never been done before, written in such clear and detailed way –  BROKEN MIRROR is a true masterpiece.

As for Aurora, and like I said earlier, by telling her life story to Coylee, she has actually made her first step towards emotional healing. The first is always the hardest – in her case, it was the acknowledgement of everything that has happened in her life, accepting that all of it is in the past and finally opening up and sharing her pain to other people.

Those that self-destruct are the ones who are unable to make that first VERY PAINFUL step towards the whole healing process.

BROKEN MIRROR in a way is her way of letting go. Her first breath of fresh air. Her first taste of freedom.

There are so many things that we could learn from the story of Aurora, but I don’t want to preempt – I urge you to purchase this book, not only for the lessons and many realizations, but also for the intrigue or the mystery of it all.

I greatly admire Aurora (or whoever she is in real life) for her courage. Not many women can endure what she has gone through and still have the bravery to share it to the whole world. Kudos to COYLEE GAMBOA for her exceptional writing skills that seems to realistically bring us to that side of the Broken Mirror where Aurora resides.

All the best wishes for both of them!

with the author, Coylee Gamboa – photo by Jeng of Showbiznest

To give you a bit of a teaser, here’s the Prologue:

A woman’s virginity is such a precious thing. She can give it away to the man she loves only once. When she gives it up, she passes from childhood to womanhood. And that passage is painful, blissful, full of emotions…

When I was a child, there were so many times that a boy or a man had been on top of me, fondling me, touching me, robbing me of my innocence, exercising power over me and raping my soul. Not knowing any better and unable to confide in anybody, I figured I had lost my virginity even before the age of seven…

Here’s my copy of the book signed by Coylee Gamboa:

Broken Mirror is published by Caelestis Production, Inc. VISIT www.brokenmirrorph.com or LIKE them on Facebook at @brokenmirrorph

It is now available in Fully Booked branches at a price tag of 500 Pesos.

Here are some of the videos that I took during the Book Launch event at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel. Program was officiated by Ms. Lissa Romero De Guia with live performances from Lissa De Guia and Chrissie Bellosillo. Author Coylee Gamboa also signed copies of the books during the launch.

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