Muti-Awarded film director BRILLANTE MENDOZA formally announced to the media a full-year content partnership with TV5 last December 19 during a press conference held at Annabel’s Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

The announcement further strengthened the previous statements of new TV5 President and CEO Coach Chot Reyes regarding the new direction of TV5 in 2017.

Aside from straightening out some kinks in their finances by focusing more on so-called pre-sold programs and lessening their overhead on productions, the Kapatid network express their commitment to enhance basic programming with more value-laden contents starting with a vision to turn the station into the new home of Indie film makers.

Brillante Mendoza said that the partnership with TV5 was made instantaneously since both parties are on the same wavelength on the project. The network offering a creative venue for the growing Indie market and Direk Brillante having the kind of output and brand that TV5 wanted to start the ball rolling.

with Brillante Mendoza
with Coach Chot Reyes

The partnership will have three components:

Brillante Mendoza Presents

A monthly made-for-TV original movies that are according to Direk Brillante Mendoza will feature stories that are intertwined and shot in the different parts of the country like Davao, Tawi-Tawi, Manila and many others.

The first story will come out in January with the over-all theme of the story centered on the Chinese New Year Festival particularly on the lives of Dragon and Lion Dancers. The setting will of course be in Manila. February will be shot in Baguio and will feature the Panagbenga as the highlight of the story.


A 13-part mini series centered on the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. Direk Brillante Mendoza reveals that it’s going to be like a spin-off of the movie Ma Rosa with different characters unfolding as the series progresses.  AMO is scheduled to start in February and will have Derek Ramsay as one of the main cast.

New Breed Filmakers

Brillante Mendoza also said that TV5 further strengthen its commitment to the Indie Film industry by agreeing to produce full length films made by upstart or New Breed Indie film directors which will be made to showcase for both in International Film Festivals and commercial release.

The name Brillante Mendoza is synonymous with award-winning critically acclaimed films that reflect the unfiltered realities of Philippine society. The director said during the media conference that TV5 viewers can expect the same quality of production and contents from his made-for TV films and upcoming mini series.

“I don’t want to compromise my creativity and story telling.. we will show reality, capture it.. viewers can expect the same process with how I make films,” Direk Brillante Mendoza explains. “In fact, even before signing the contract (with TV5), my team are already all over the country doing their research for the projects.”

Brillante Mendoza is the only Filipino to won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival  for his film “Kinatay.”  Just recently, his Film “Ma’ Rosa” won actress Jaclyn Jose her first Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival as well.

Brillante may not be as commercially successful here in the country but the director has given the country so much pride in the international arena. With Brillante Mendoza Presents showing on television starting January 2017, more Filipinos will get a chance to see HOW a multi-awarded master of Indie works. And maybe, with the help of TV5, inspire more people to embrace creativity since there are now more avenues for them to showcase their talents.

Award-Winning Director Brillante Mendoza Announces Partnership with TV5
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