It’s not the hits that makes the hitmaker, it’s the other way around!

And what makes them uniquely different from all the millions of musicians, bands and singers all over the world?

It is the timelessness of their creative outputs.

They’re the songs you sing when you’re just a little kid that your children and their children’s children will sing long after you are gone. They’re the songs that other artists love to sing or copy or remake. Songs that you’ll remember your entire life.

Songs like Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and the Beatles’ “In My Life” – these songs will endure time, over and over again.

Now if you look at these songs more closely, you’ll find that there are more hits tied to it all done by the same artists – and these artists are what we call “The Hitmakers.”


Today, we usually come across songs that becomes an instant hit – we have lots of them now actually – and this is all thanks to social media and the proliferation of various sound and video sharing sites on the internet.

But sadly, most of them have a very short lifespan or just “one hit wonders” – only a few can actually be called a bonafide hit.

Things that go viral cannot be classified as a hit (because as we all know that numbers on the internet can be easily manipulated) and so we’re at that point where we just make use of our common sense to associate a “real” hit or a “real” hitmaker with age.

Here in the Philippines, when we talk about OPM hitmakers, there are only a few names that comes to mind – and usually these are the ones that has produced a large number of “real” hits that the Filipinos still love to listen or sing-along to.

In the 90’s, we have the likes of Eraserheads, Francis M and Rivermaya leading the revolution of alternative hits. A decade after that we were introduced to Regine Velasquez and Lani Misalucha, and then we have Christian Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, Noel Cabangon and many others. And then we have vocal legends Kuh Ledesma, Ogie Alcasid, Martin Nieverra, Jose Mari Chan and Gary Valenciano.

But classic OPM Hitmakers that are living legends in the music industry are classified in the same level as with Nonoy Zuniega, Basil Valdez, APO Hiking Society, Gino Padilla, Joey Albert, Rico J. Puno, The Hotdogs, Juan Dela Cruz Band, Marco Sison, Hajji Alejandro, Rey Valera and many others.


Perhaps the most active among the classic OPM Hitmakers that I’ve mentioned above are Rico J. Puno (May Bukas Pa), Hajji Alejandro (Nakapagtataka), Rey Valera (Maging  Sino Ka Man) and Marco Sison (My Love Will See You Through). They are still doing concerts and various gigs here and outside the country.

Recently, I was able to meet these four legends at a restaurant in Quezon City during a media launch and conference for their upcoming concert at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila.

The concert, dubbed as “The Best of the OPM Hitmakers”, will be held on December 9 (Friday) at 8pm will also feature another OPM Hitmaker as a special guest – Jessa Zaragoza (Bakit Pa).


Produced by Starmedia Entertainment in cooperation with Resorts World Manila and Studio 69, “The Best of the OPM Hitmakers” promises a night of sweet reminiscing as the four OPM legends serenade both young and old with their own hits and other hits from the not-so-distant past.

So you want to know what “real” hits are all about and what “real” OPM hitmakers look and sound like?

Tickets are available at Ticketworld – 8919999


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