Renowned cosmetic and skin care specialists-to-the-stars Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan continue to preach their gospel of beauty and wellness through their new TV show, C THE DIFFERENCE.

Driven by their desire to enlighten Pinoy viewers about the science of skin care, the couple has long toyed with the idea of educating televiewers about the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery as well as other related non-invasive procedures meant to better their appearance and boost their emotional and psychological well-being.

“Over the years, the art and science of making people look their best has grown by leaps and bounds, and consumers deserve the right to make informed choices, especially with matters that concern their looks, confidence and total self-image,” explains Dr. Manny Calayan. “The reason why a lot of so-called cosmetic surgeons get a bad rap is that people don’t really know what they want in the first place. By educating the typical viewer about the core basics, we feel that they become more empowered in knowing what they really need, as opposed to what they think they want,” he adds.

For her part, Dr. Pie Calayan adds,

“We also want to teach people that beauty as a wholistic process. It’s not just about beautifying you from outside, but nourishing and nurturing it from the inside of our bodies as well. Ultimately, this means that what we feed our bodies and minds is just as important in creating the big picture.”


C THE DIFFERENCE features various segments that delve on specific topics.

In Skin Upgrade, Dr. Pie focuses on women’s skincare tips and related beauty issues.

Tasty Travels, hosted by Bernice Calayan and Ral Javier showcases the best travel destinations in the Philippines, and also includes fitness tips while traveling.

Superfood, anchored by Andrea Calayan, promises to whet your appetite with adventurous vegan delicacies and other healthy but yummy treats.

In Makeover Mavens, Drs. Manny and Pie will choose two lucky winners for a total body makeover.

Lastly, Best Face Forward, hosted by Dr. Manny, tackles the latest advances and different kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Based on its pilot episode’s high viewership and top trending stats (No. 2) on Twitter last Sunday, October 23, it’s not surprising to know that Pinoy viewers can get really serious when it comes to vanity issues.

“It’s part and parcel of the Pinoy psyche. In the same way that we all love watching beauty pageants and put our beautiful celebrities on a pedestal, we all want to look and feel our best all the time, and in our own little way, we hope to help them pursue those dreams,” Dr. Manny concludes.

C THE DIFFERENCE airs every Sunday 8:30-9:00 a.m. on GMA News TV, Channel 11 on free TV and Cignal Cable, as well as Channel 24 on Sky Cable.

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