KLEA PINEDA is celebrating this month her first year in the entertainment industry after joining GMA Network’s Starstruck Season 6 which made its TV premiere on September 7, 2015.

Like in all of the Starstruck 2015 finalists, this is also the birth month of their fan group (or groups).

Klea has her KLEANATICS which supported her from day one of the Starstruck Talent Competition up to the finals where she won the title of being the “Ultimate Female Survivor.”

Klea Pineda
Klea Pineda

And now that she has been given her biggest break yet, portraying the role of Muyak in the reboot of the hit GMA Fantaserye ENCANTADIA 2016, Klea said that she owe it to her fans to give it her all and to always improve her craft.

Muyak an illustration by Iluminax
Muyak an illustration by Iluminax

Muyak is the Tinkerbell of the Encantadia series (and even in Mulawin). A fairy character formerly played by model-actress Nancy Castiglione in the 2005 original series.

Muyak was a very important role in the lives of the Sang’gres and even to the daughters of Pirena (Mira) and Amihan (Lira).

It may seem that in the series that Klea Pineda has a lot of interaction with the other cast, the truth is that she’s always alone during takes. Her background is a green screen, she was always wearing a harness and floating in mid-air and talking to the camera (a chair or a scotch tape) – alone!

But she couldn’t complain. Being part of the series is already a wonderful honor and an experience worth treasuring, the young actress said this during the simple anniversary celebration in honor of her fans held at Music 21 Timog last Saturday.

But first here’s a video of Klea sharing her experiences with Encantadia 2016:

We joined Klea as she interacted with her loyal fans during the casual celebration. The 17-year old actress played games with them and joined the group during the simple salo-salo.


To the young actress, her KLEANATICS is one of the main reasons why she won Starstruck Season 6. That without their love and support, her showbiz life would be a little bit more difficult.

Here’s her special message to all of them:

The event was also a tight family affair, as the whole Team Klea (her family) was there to assist the young actress with the programs and to make sure that everyone was having fun.

Klea Pineda and her family
Klea Pineda and her family

After the main program, we had a chance to talk to Klea and ask her about some of the things that keeps her busy these days, future projects and other plans. To all those that are hoping… having a LOVE LIFE is not one of her priorities right now – she’s too young, and too focused on her career and her studies, to make room for that.

She did mention that she wanted to work with Jeric Gonzales again (the two recently got a chance to work together in one of the episodes of Magpakailanman) – but the rootword there was WORK. The admiration is of course professional in nature.

What she wanted though was more acting projects that will really bring out her skills. Acting-wise she rates her current performance as a 7 out of 10 which leaves her a lot of room for improvements and learning opportunities.

One year in showbiz may not be that much of value when compared to all the other seasoned actors who have already made their mark in the local entertainment industry.

That may seem to be the case for us who are not inside that circle, but if you ask all them, they’d say that the first years are the most memorable and one year is already a milestone. Especially now that everything seems to be at a very fast pace.

So, congratulations KLEA PINEDA and to all your fans!




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