ALCATEL, dubbed as one of the smartphone brands to watch out for this 2016, just recently launched to the public its wide range of mobile devices that is at par with the market leaders – each with distinctive specifications tailored to fit the needs of different types of consumers minus the pricey tags.

Here are four of their latest product offerings:


Alcatel PIXI line is a great fit for first-time mobile users and those that want affordable phones that provide quality performance. The Alcatel PIXI line comes in four models: PIXI FIRST, PIXI 4 (5), PIXI 4 (6) and, PIXI 4 (7) tablet.


For those on the lookout for a basic entry-level smart phone for their kids, the PIXI FIRST is a smart choice. Currently on sale for only 2,999 pesos, the PIXI FIRST is both stylish and also packs a punch due to its strong Quad Core with 3G Connectivity.

The PIXI 4 (5) is perfect for cash-strapped teenagers looking for an affordable but reliable entry-level smart phone, with enhanced camera, battery and audio experience. The PIXI 4 (5) is currently available in the market for only 3,999 pesos.

The PIXI 4 (6) also an entry-level smartphone that is light on the pocket but heavy on features, it comes with a 13+8 megapixel camera and an 8GB memory in a slim and stylish hardware. Currently retails for 5,499 pesos.

The PIXI 4 (7) tablet is the choice for those who want the big screen experience at a very reasonable price range. This handy gadget is powered by a Quad Core processor for faster response, and encased in a slim and stylish design. Currently retails for 3,899 pesos.


The POP range of smart phones offer better customization, allowing millennials to express themselves more fully by tweaking the function and design of their smartphone.


Alcatel indulges the music lover with the Alcatel POP 3 (5.5): a slim smartphone done in stylish leather black; large 5.5-inch HD IPS display; full connectivity with 3G+ and smooth browsing with Quad Core CPU. The unit currently retails for only 5,799 pesos.


Creatively designed and made dust-proof and shock-resistant for the serious gamer, this smartphone packs a lot of punch in spite being a bit small in size. Colorful, trendy and fashionable, Alcatel GO PLAY is the kind of phone that gets a lot of usage and delivers. Powered with a 2500 mAh battery and 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM in internal memory, play your favorite mobile games displayed in full HD on a 5-inch screen, with 1280×720 pixels on this LTE device. Alcatel GO PLAY is currently priced at 6,999 pesos.


For my review on the GO PLAY, CLICK here: Kid Friendly Budget Phone for Pokemon Hunters


Following the rise of wearables in recent years, Alcatel has put a spin on the smartwatch category with the introduction of the Alcatel GO WATCH. More than telling the time, it is equipped with its own accelerometer, altimeter, pedometer, heart rate monitor and can even track calories burned and quality of sleep.

maxresdefault (1)The GO WATCH complements an active lifestyle and comes with a fun, vibrant look and a full color touch screen. Water and shock-resistant and dust proof, the Alcatel GO WATCH is a durable wrist accessory that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  The Alcatel GO Watch currently retails at 3,799 pesos.

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