“I know a talent when I see one” – this is a line we’ve heard so many times already but one that best describes the Matriarch of the Philippine entertainment industry, Mother Lily Monteverde.

Mother Lily’s Regal Entertainment was started as a foreign film distribution company in the early 60’s. It was not until the late 70’s when the company ventured out to producing movies that started with “Walang Karanasan” an Arsenio Bautista film starring Alma Moreno, George Estregan, Eddie Garcia, Perla Bautista and Roderick Paulate. The year was 1976 and this was followed by two more successful films “Magsikap: Kayod Sa Umaga, Kayod Sa Gabi” and “Peter Pandesal” featuring Nino Muhlach and Ramon Zamora.

But it was not until the early 80’s when the name Regal Films and Mother Lily became synonymous to local films and great talents. Because aside from making films, Mother Lily was also known as a great talent builder.

Mother Lily with Roselle, ER Ejercito and Arnold Vegafria of ALV Talent Circuit with the new batch of Regal Babies - David Licauco, Danes Lee, Chanel Morales and Jerico Estregan
Mother Lily with Roselle, ER Ejercito and Arnold Vegafria of ALV Talent Circuit with the new batch of Regal Babies – David Licauco, Danes Lee, Chanel Morales and Jerico Estregan

Among her very first discoveries were Dina Bonavie, Maricel Soriano and Snooky Serna who all starred in the film “Underage” directed by Joey Gosiengfiao  – the three young stars were dubbed as the very first REGAL BABIES! All three having illustrious careers that spanned for two decades.

Aside from the trio, Regal also discovered boys like William Martinez, Gabby Concepcion, Edgar Mande, Albert Martinez and Alfie Anido.

For two decades after that, Regal has launched the careers of many big stars and most of them have been labeled as Regal Babies such as Janice De Belen, Nadia Montenegro, Gretchen Barretto, Carmina Villaroel, Ruffa Gutierrez, Aiko Melendez, Manilyn Reynes, Tina Paner, Sheryl Cruz, Shirley Fuentes, Sunshine Cruz, Karla Estrada and many others.

The height of Regal Films’ movie-making activities was in the late 80’s and the early 90’s. They’re making lesser films today compared to that era but Regal, under it’s brand name Regal Entertainment is still bigger than ever and the tradition of finding exceptional talents continues.

David Licauco, Danes Lee, Mother Lily, Chanel Morales and Jerico Estregan
David Licauco, Danes Lee, Mother Lily, Chanel Morales and Jerico Estregan

Just recently, Mother Lily together with daughter Roselle Monteverde, who is now at the helm of the production company, recently launched four new Regal Babies – CHANEL MORALES, DANIELLE LEE, JERICO ESTREGAN and DAVID LICAUCO. All having excellent backgrounds but practically NEW in the industry.

Here’s Mother Lily, Roselle Monteverde and Arnold Vegafria introducing the new batch of #RegalBabies2016


20-year old Ilongga Chanel started her showbiz career with TV5 as a runner-up in Artista Academy way back 2012. She then went on to do shows with the network particularly making her mark in Wattpad Presents and the recently released Ron Bryant indie TV Pilot/Film project “Junakis” together with Meryll Soriano, Dindi Gallardo, Pilar Pilapil, Anita Linda and Perla Bautista.


Aside from acting, Chanel is also a fair singer who loves travels, binging on TV shows and movies, reading books and BOXING – so make no mistake! 🙂

Here’s my short video interview with Chanel during the launch:


More fondly called as DANES by friends, Danielle Lee is the younger sibling of entrepreneur turned model and showbiz personality Divine Lee.

Tall, young and very pretty Danes shared that her showbiz involvement first started when well-respected talent-builder Arnold Vegafria saw her for the first time and told her “Ikaw, magpapayat ka na,” signaling his interest in the showbiz career of the surprised leggy teenager.


Danes went on to do shows with TV5, you might have seen her in the episodes of “Wattpad Presents: Almost A Cinderella Story” and other shows.

Aside from being sporty and a beach lover, Danes also has the potential of becoming a beauty queen – well, she definitely has the height and the looks that fits the bill and with practice, she might possibly become a great candidate for any crown.

Here’s a video of my short interview with Danes during the launch:


He is the grandson of the late George Estregan and son of former governor of Laguna Jeorge ER Ejercito (George Estregan Jr.). So basically this bright young lad came from a family of actors. A political science graduate from DLSU, he has already appeared in films that his father produced and starred in like “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salongga Story” and “El Presidente”.


Jerico will be very active in showbiz this year, prior to signing up as a new Regal Baby, he has already committed himself to do several action flicks starting with the remake of “Alyas Ben Tumbling” and two more other movies in the pipeline – “Amalanhig” (Horror) and SAF 44 (Action-Drama).

Aside from acting, Jerico is also into modeling and Track and Field.


David is already becoming a new household name in male modeling after gracing the Cosmo Bachelor Bash last year and the pages of fashion magazines this year.


The young model’s claim to  fame started when he joined and wins first runner-up as Mr. Chinatown 2014. Aside from modeling, David also wants to learn and become a serious actor one day. He still has a lot to work with but the paths have already been cleared, as a member of the new batch of Regal Babies, David will definitely have a lot of opportunities to explore an acting career plus news about him becoming part of GMA Network’s roster of talents is also considered as a great blessing.

Here’s a video of the four new Regal Babies sharing their acting and showbiz backgrounds to the press during the launch:

All four new Regal Babies have a stready stream of social media supporters. It won’t be too long before these young talented individuals finds their own spot up there with the sea of Filipino stars.


Chanel, Danes, Jerico and David are all being managed by ALV Talent Circuit!

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REGAL BABIES 2016 | Meet The Four New Rising Stars Under Mother Lily’s Wings
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