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It’s always an honor to be in the midst of brilliant minds! Just like the inventors and innovators of H2O Technologies Inc who I got the privilege of meeting last Wednesday during a special intimate forum together with other selected online media people to discuss their newest projects.

They’re the same people who brought us the Burning Water Technology, H2O Lamp, Portable Thermal Device and the awesome H2O Salamander –the world’s first amphibious multi-utility Trike that can safely run on both land and water.


This magnificently designed vehicle was first introduced last year and was already reviewed and tested by various government and non-government agencies to be a viable tool that can help save lives during disasters especially in tropical countries like the Philippines that experiences torrential rains during the wet season.

Oh and most specially here in the Philippines where urban planning seems to be a disaster in itself and where rural areas are almost incapable of handling disaster situations due to bad roads and the general lack of facilities which became more evident when Super Typhoon Yolanda struck the Visayan Region.

In fact, this might have been the driving force that boosted the resolve of these inventors to design a compact vehicle that can move through both land and water with ease. The H2O Salamander design can be electric-powered or gas-powered and can conveniently carry 6 people at a time. It also has a solar panel that can provide power to charge mobile devices for emergency situations.

Now the BIG question is, if this vehicle can really do what it’s designed to do then WHY is it still not being manufactured. A breakthrough innovation that can help a lot of people during disasters, proudly made by Filipino inventors and yet, more than a year after it’s introduction – not a single vehicle was produced. Only the original prototypes and its improved versions are currently available.

The reason behind this is simple – the LACK OF SUPPORT from people in the government. H2O Technologies were modest enough not to divulge any concrete information about their current standing and previous undertakings (or DEALS) with some government departments that has somehow put their company at a disadvantage because of technicalities.

At one time, H2O Technologies Inc told rainCHECK that they have lost a bidding process to a Japanese firm even if their price points are relatively lower – this is because they did not meet the required technical facilities. Of course they will lose, they’re only a small start-up Green Technology Research and Development Group. A sari-sari store compared to Japan’s Supermarket.

But wouldn’t it be nice (and FAIR) if the Philippine government gave them a fighting chance? Just like what the progressive countries are doing with their nation’s small privately-owned research and development groups. Cultivating geniuses so that the country can benefit from their innovations?

Sadly, the Philippines can’t even grant tax Incentives to our poor inventors. That’s the reality here and so I am really not surprised why we are still lagging behind compared to our Asian brothers and sisters when it comes to Research and Development even if we have the talents and all the natural resources. We could be the NEXT pot of gold for medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural research if we wanted to but no, our government is busy with other things.

That is why H2O Technologies Inc is partnering with the Philippine Red Cross just to get the Salamander project off the blueprint stage and straight to the barangays and other communities!

The partnership aims to raise the amount of $4.3 million USD that will be used to acquire the required space and to build a research and manufacturing facility for the Salamander and other H2O Technologies Inc innovations. This will also include the future sisters of the H2O Salamander which is the H2O Iguana (multi-utility amphibious Jeep) and the H2O Komodo (an amphibious multi-utility Truck).


To raise the fund, they will embark on a 60-day crowd source funding campaign via www.startsomegood.com starting June 27. Social change advocates and the general public will be able to donate to the cause in  any amount from as low as $10 USD to $2,500 USD.

Why should ordinary Filipinos support this crowd source fund raising effort?  Well for three reasons:

  • Because it’s the right thing to do! If the government won’t go and support projects like this then let’s show them why they need to by making this work!
  • Because when the manufacturing facility is up and running, the first 500 units of H2O Salamander will be distributed to communities through the care of the Philippine Red Cross.
  • Because as soon as the project is made self-sustaining – H2O Technologies Inc also plans to help organize or provide Filipino inventors the needed leverage to make their projects work – especially those that will make a great and lasting impact to the nation.

Now isn’t that a project worth committing ourselves to?

Philippine Red Cross and H2O Technologies Inc will provide incentives to donors just to acknowledge their wholehearted support to the cause:

  • For all those who donated, even as little as $10 – The partners will write your names to the H2O Salamander’s Vision Wall Website as one its heroes
  • For those who donated $50 – The partners will also give you a limited edition H2O Salamander souvenir shirt
  • For those who donated $100 – The partners will give you the shirt and a portable rechargeable LED lantern with powerbank
  • For those who donated $150 – The partners will give you the shirt, the portable lantern and a 58-piece Emergency and Survival Kit
  • Individuals or groups who will donate $2,500 – The partners will give you all the items mentioned above plus an advertising opportunity (your name or logo) on the door of one of the 500 units that will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross

I see no harm but only good in supporting this endeavor. The sooner H2O Technologies Inc are able to raise the amount needed for their facility – the sooner we get the those Salamanders up and ready in our communities to be used to help save more lives during disasters.

Let’s do this!

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