KRIS BERNAL ends her almost month-long birthday celebration in the company of loyal fans and the kids and guardians of the Rehabilitation and Empowerment of Adults and Children with Handicap (REACH) Foundation in Mandaluyong City.

The birthday party which was held in the TEACH (Therapy Education and Assimilation of Children with Handicap) room of the school near the Hardin Ng Pag-Asa in Mandaluyong City was jam packed with Kris Bernal’s special guests and supporters.

The celebration started with a mass officiated by Msgr. Mel David – he’s a good friend of Kris’ family and I have seen him already in several special occasions with the young actress. Kris and her family are all devout Catholics and a birthday event is always started with a Eucharistic Celebration first as a sign of thanksgiving to God.

Kris Bernal getting her blessings from guests, her mom and Msgr. Mel David
Kris Bernal getting her blessings from guests, her mom and Msgr. Mel David

After the mass a short program was held emceed by “To The Top” contender Cholo Dela Cruz.

Kris Bernal played games with the kids and distributed snacks and birthday loots to everyone in the room. Tired and lost almost a liter of sweat during the event, but you can see the happiness on her face all throughout.

Celebrating her birthday with special kids is not new to Kris’ yearly routine as she always keeps in mind to share her blessings to – not only during her birthday, but especially during this time of the year of course. This year was very special though, as she is now more empathetic to children who have special needs and their parents or guardians who takes good care of them.

“Alam ko ‘yung life nila eh. Mas naiintindihan ko sila, alam ko ‘yung feeling nila. Kumbaga, parang nagkatawang tao ako sa kanila eh,” Kris said during an interview.

It can be remembered that Kris recently played the role of “Tinay” in the GMA Network hit show “Little Nanay” – studying her role in the show offered her a privilege to get to know more what a child with special needs is and what he or she feels or go through every single day.


Aside from this realization, Kris Bernal also revealed that she now feels contentment and only seeks a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus. Implying that she is already complete (even without a partner) and that she now realizes how blessed she truly is as an individual and is now more thankful for everything. In return, Kris tries to become a blessing to other people and feels that God blesses her more everyday.


Kris also thanked all her fans who she said is one of the main reasons why she lasted 10 years in the entertainment industry and why she needs to continue to be at her very best in everything that she do.

“Hindi lang naman ito (ay) dahil sa talento ko, kasi everyone naman has a talent, to act or whatever, but it’s because of the fans talaga, yun ang nag-bo-boost sa akin,” Kris said.




A person who matures out from being just an ordinary celebrity will become something even greater than the name he or she so firmly holds on to. That’s what I always say. And I think KRISTINE ANN TAN BERNAL who is now 27 years old is becoming that person. Not old, but a mature person able to change the world and all the people around her in a positive manner.


Kris told rainCHECK that she will be doing an indie film  project with Vin Abrenica (Aljur’s brother) this year directed by Direk Gil Portes. She hinted that the project will be somewhere in the alley of drama and will commence by mid June after her Bangkok trip. Yes after visiting London last month, Kris will now be heading to Thailand. Did I mention how BLESSED this young actress is! 🙂

Happy Birthday Kris!

Here’s an exclusive video interview with Kris Bernal after her birthday event:

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