Ever wonder what’s a typical day for a successful international business executive is like when he conducts a visit to business locations in different countries?

Being a well-traveled executive, we asked Mr. Jason Chen, the President and CEO of Acer, Inc. what is it that he usually do when he visits other countries.

Here are 7 things that Mr. Chen does during his visits:

  1. Conducts publication meeting with employees
  2. Get business updates
  3. Talk to the media
  4. Meet with customers
  5. Visit Acer retail shops
  6. Visit the Acer service centers
  7. Facilitates team building sessions with his local executives

For him, it’s the voice of the service people that he wants to listen to and show care to them. Describing himself, being the company’s main representative, he says that he is a man with “temperature,” and he wants Acer to also have temperature that clients can feel, touch and be comfortable with.

Here’s a video of Mr. Jason Chen:



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