TV5’s BARANGAY UTAKAN, the first and only “barangayan” quiz show brings another exciting round of sizzle to everyone’s summer as it launches its second season!

A fun-filled and exciting take on the Pinoy community spirit, this innovative news quiz show on Philippine television aims to showcase “Pinoy bayanihan’’ in the country’s different barangays – communities rather than just individuals compete for a variety of prizes and collectively try to outsmart the competition by answering questions drawn from current  news and public events.

The participating teams also get the chance to perform challenging tasks and what makes the show more exciting is the fact that it does not require “talino’’ from the players, they just need “diskarte.”

BARANGAY UTAKAN and its unique signature format makes it endearing to Filipino viewers! It has led to copycat versions by other TV stations but nothing beats the original – offering viewers the country’s leading broadcast trio of  internet celebrity and academician Ramon Bautista; Politics for Beginners host, satirist Jun “Bayaw” Sabayton; and newsman and Palanca awardee Lourd de Veyra. They and their female co-hosts: Bea Benedicto and Nikki Veron make up for a truly stimulating and mind-expanding evening.

Barangay Utakan (1)

Aside from the constant support that it has been getting from the viewers, the Kapatid network also owes the success of this ground breaking show to the brain behind it, its director RA Rivera.

“We want to offer something unique, informative, innovative and entertaining to our fellow Filipinos especially the masses. Our goal is to capture their hearts by feeding minds with information and putting emphasis on the essence of nationalism and teamwork,” the director shared.

Rivera also stressed that the second season of the show will still continue to keep on pushing sports to be one the driving forces in transforming communities.

Don’t miss the fun, catch BARANGAY UTAKAN Season 2 (Sundays, 9 PM) on TV5 and visit its facebook page for more updates:

BARANGAY UTAKAN | The Ultimate Barangay Quiz Show Gears Up For Another Season with TV5
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