Award-winning journalist Claire Delfin dreamed of a Sunday television show for kids about pets and all kinds of animals. On April 17, that dream will be a reality!

ANIMAL LIFE TV will redefine how pet shows are produced here in the Philippines by recognizing and acknowledging its biggest patrons – those little people we call CHILDREN.

Hosted by trendsetters and self-confessed animal lovers TIM YAP and DIVINE LEE, Animal Life TV is a kid-friendly animal show that promises to capture viewers (young and old) with a fresh and exciting take on the world of animals.

Animal Life TV Hosts Tim Yap and Divine Lee
Animal Life TV Hosts Tim Yap and Divine Lee

Last Monday at Fireside in SM Mega Fashion Hall, Claire Delfin Media launched the new show to various media outfits by introducing some short clips of the upcoming episodes and its two lively hosts.

TIM YAP is known as the country’s well-loved eventologist and the go-to person for the hottest parties and happenings in and out of the Metro. However, in Animal Life TV you’ll see a very different Tim as he reveals his softer side as a cat-lover.

Actually, the young TIM grew up with the company of dogs. His love for felines started when she rescued a stray cat he named JUANITA followed by another kitten-at-risk he named PRINGLES. Not known to many people, TIM YAP supports various animal welfare related activities and even initiated lobbying of public places, such as malls, to become more pet-friendly.

Fashionista and entrepreneur DIVINE LEE on the other hand, has a soft spot for dogs.

DIVINE currently owns seven dogs named after her favorite meals. But the most famous of all is a doctor dog named PRITCHON which she brings to child centers to help ease the pain of kids suffering from various illnesses like cancer.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Tim and Divine during the launch:

ANIMAL LIFE TV is a different kind of pet show because it is made for kids (and adults) which is I think the first of its kind here in the Philippines. The more popular animal show for kids that I know can only be seen on Discovery Channel – and the format is still very different. So I guess this new show would probably present a very interesting blueprint for locally produced pet-oriented TV programs.


Here are some of the segments presented during the launch:

  • BET KO, PET MO – a segment that showcases celebrities and their pets, making it more exciting with pet-friendly gimmicks and activities for the pets and their owners.
  • MAGIC BOX CHALLENGE – is Tim Yap’s out-of-the-box challenges with guest celebrities. Only the producers know what’s inside this “Magic Box” – the celebrity guests and the hosts will have no clue.
  • ASK ATE DIVS – a special segment that tackles various animal and pet issues featuring different animal experts.
  • HAPPY HAYOP – is a segment that features viral videos, funny memes and photos of animals.
  • ANIMALLIFE TRIVIA – provides viewers with quick facts and tips to help them get to know more about animals, be it domesticated or wild.

ANIMAL LIFE TV is set to air its first episode on April 17, 2016 at GMA NEWS TV from 9 to 9:30am.

Tim Yap and Divine Lee with producer Claire Delfin
Tim Yap and Divine Lee with producer Claire Delfin

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Website: www.clairedelfinmedia.com

Animal Life TV on my mind
Animal Life TV on my mind

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