LITTLE NANAY is now down to its final episodes!

Directed by Ricky Davao for GMA Primetime, Little Nanay is now running an extended season of more than four months already since it started last year on November 16 after replacing “My Faithful Husband.”

The show is the very first regular TV series project of ‘Superstar’ NORA AUNOR on GMA Network, reuniting her with “Thy Womb” co artist and veteran actor BEMBOL ROCO.


The story of Little Nanay was inspired by the stories of People with Developmental Conditions as well as the support systems that exists around them.

Actress KRIS BERNAL brings to life the character of “Tinay” a young woman with special needs who was forced to wed at an early age and bore a child whom she named “ChieChie” played by child actress CHLAUI MALAYAO. The whole series revolves around the two characters – the bond between mother and daughter and the challenges they will face as “Little Nanays” to each other.

Chlaui Malayao and Kris Bernal
Chlaui Malayao and Kris Bernal

Quite an inspiring, sad story actually, but it was made very entertaining and funny due to the happy disposition of the two main characters in the series.  Hence, the tag line: HAPPY LANG!

Anyway, to celebrate the success of the series and to express their gratitude to the fans of Little Nanay, the whole production team and majority of the younger cast went to Enchanted Kingdom last March 6 together with fans and some of the students and beneficiaries of the Independent Living Learning Center (ILLC) for a special mini summer concert and all-you-can-ride treat!

Archie (Hiro Peralta), Chie Chie (Chlaui Malayao) and Tinay (Kris Bernal)
Archie (Hiro Peralta), Chie Chie (Chlaui Malayao) and Tinay (Kris Bernal)

The main program started around 6pm but we were already there in the morning to enjoy the rides and sights first.

Here I am at the Brooklyn Place right in front of Rialto
Here I am at the Brooklyn Place right in front of Rialto
Enjoying a Chocolate Milkshake at the Soda Fountain
Enjoying a Chocolate Milkshake at the Soda Fountain

The stars of the show started arriving at around 3 in the afternoon. Aside from Kris Bernal and Chlaui Malayao, fellow stars JAY ARCILLA (Reggie), Mark Herras (Peter Parker), Juancho Trivino (Bruce Wayne), Hiro Peralta (Archie) and Wynwyn Marquez (Beatrice) were also there at the Little Nanay Enchanted Kingdom Summer Concert.

Hosting the show is Rafa Seguion-Reyna who plays the role of Edgar in Little Nanay.





The concert ended with a fireworks display from Enchanted Kingdom.

It was a super hot day in Santa Rosa, Laguna! Literally! I forgot to bring an extra shirt so I ended up buying a souvenir white EK shirt but it was also a super fun day with blogger friends, GMA Social Media Team and the cast of Little Nanay –  kaya, Happy Lang!

Check out the video of their performances:






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