GabRu Fans will be seeing more of RURU MADRID and GABBI GARCIA this summer as they have confirmed their involvement in GMA Network’s first Political RomCom (Romantic Comedy) series called NAKU BOSS KO.

Produced by the GMA News and Public Affairs and directed by award-winning director MARLON RIVERA (Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank), NAKU BOSS KO tells about the story of two star-crossed lovers from competing political affiliations and opposing economic statures. It’s like Romeo and Juliet fighting for their love during a contentious election season.

Will their love survive or will it drown in the dirt of political ambitions?

Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid
Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid

We met Gabbi and Ruru last Monday at Cafe Oley in Diliman to check up on the two. You could say that NAKU BOSS KO is their comeback as a pair in Philippine TV – they were first seen in the 2014 drama series My Destiny and their last project together was as the lead stars of GMA’s TV version of Let The Love Begin last year.

I have always wondered how the chemistry between the two young GMA artists works. I have talked with Gabbi and Ruru a couple of times already in the past and there is something very awkward and yet very organic happening in the relationship that they have. Calculated and yet very spontaneous at the same time – something you don’t see in most Philippine love teams.

Both Ruru and Gabbi said that they would not have any problem if GMA decides to pair them with other Kapuso artists (which the network is known of doing from time to time) but refused to name people whom they would like to be paired with if ever. It’s like their saying that YES they will do it because it’s work but would rather be paired with one another if they have a choice.


When asked about their future plans, Ruru said,

“Marami akong plano para sa aming dalawa ni Gabbi,”

And then the conversation went on to Gabbi Garcia’s 18th birthday which falls on December 2 and revealed plans of holding a debut party. Of course, Ruru Madrid is going to be there.

“Mas excited pa nga sa akin si Ruru para sa debut ko e,” she said.

Gabbi also expresses her interest in building a music career in the future, it was her first love actually and she has the voice and musical talents and experience to back that up. So if there’s any artist-performer right now who deserves to have her own music playing in someone’s mobile music player – it’s Gabbi, but she’s got to really WANT and WILL for it to happen.

The two don’t have any definite plans yet for the summer because they have work, NAKU BOSS KO is scheduled for airing on the last week of April until May before the Philippine National Election. But they would really want to hit the beach! Where and When? Now that is the question. 🙂


We are all excited to see Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia back on TV as a pair and at the same time experience what a POL-ROM-COM look and feels like.

NAKU BOSS KO also stars Leo Martinez, Tessie Tomas and Arianne Bautista.

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